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Geo (earth) Desic (divided)

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1 Geo (earth) Desic (divided)
The Geodesic Dome Geo (earth) Desic (divided)

2 Geodesic Domes are energy and material efficient

3 Geodesic Domes can span large interior areas
Notice that there are NO interior support columns

4 Discovered by Buckminster Fuller
‘Bucky’ Fuller in front of Casa Manana Theater in Fort Worth Texas

5 Complicated Math? The geodesic dome ratio took two years to calculate without a computer.

6 Simple Directions! Find an existing Geodesic ratio and create triangles.

7 Use any material Warning! Food will melt!

8 Which ratio do I use? To build a 2V Dome with a radius of 30cm
Radius = 30 cm                                                                                            Which ratio do I use? To build a 2V Dome with a radius of 30cm 35 Struts cm each 30 Struts 16.4 cm each To build a 3V 5/8 Dome with a radius of 30 cm 30 Struts cm each 55 Struts cm each 80 Struts cm each To build a 4V Dome with a radius of 30 cm requires: 30 Struts 7.6 cm each 30 Struts 8.86 cm each 60 Struts 8.84 cm each 70 Struts 9.39 cm each 30 Struts 9.75 cm each 30 Struts 8.96 cm each

9 Kit homes are not a new Idea

10 ‘Square’ houses have natural fatal flaws

11 Domes can range from very small…

12 To very big

13 The dome at Epcot has been through MANY storms.

14 More triangles mean more strength and stability
These two designs are filed with the United States Patent office.

15 Geodesics are more common than you might think.
South pole research station Pop-up tent Dopplar weather radar Football (yes, this is called a football)

16 Your Turn! Research, design and build a Geodesic Dome.
You may use any dimensions and any type of material for construction. You must turn in the dome and a data sheet showing which dome ratio you used along with all math steps. Also show the predicted and the actual dimensions of your dome.

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