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Adgen Energy Plants in Partnership Samantha Fuller Women in Telecoms & Technology London, 10 January 2011.

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1 Adgen Energy Plants in Partnership Samantha Fuller Women in Telecoms & Technology London, 10 January 2011

2 Adgen Energy We are developers and operators of biogas energy plants o Team built with unmatched UK experience o Development and construction finance available for multiple plants o Partnership model is key to access and deliver the best economic and sustainable plants

3 Adgen Energy Source: Making sense of it all, finding the investments

4 Adgen Energy THE MACRO SCENE

5 Adgen Energy The interest in bio power from energy companies Security of supply Sustainable Fuels UK faces The Two Towers of Mordor!

6 Adgen Energy CLEAN-TECH EXTENDING OUR CURRENT THINKING Major Investment Themes: Clean tech no longer just chemistry. Renewable energy not just dumb generation systems.

7 Adgen Energy AGE OF…

8 Adgen Energy Age of Chemistry becomes Age of Biology 20 th Century21 th Century

9 Adgen Energy Technology Changes 20 th Century21 st Century Fuel: it grew, we harvested. - forest - fossilised forest (oil) Synthesise and Bio-Energy - we raise fuel makers - algae, methanogen (biogas) Combustion technologyGas biology, then microbial fuel cells…? PastFuture today

10 Adgen Energy The concept of bridging technologies We can see the middle Fog of future developments Getting on the bridge is clear

11 Adgen Energy Examples of bio power horizons - the only horizon-stretching tech play. Mixed Waste to Solid Fuel (RDF) that can substitute for modest coal in CHP Yesterday’s technology (steam) moving to more sustainable fuels. Gas engines or Fuel Cells using Bio-gas, Today’s technology looking forward, still C02 emitting Microbial fuel cells with useful by- products? Future technology? What can we upgrade? (mature technologies) What can we build now? (known but not mass scale; solar, geotherm, ground source) Technology still in R&D? (Wave and Tidal)

12 Adgen Energy AGE OF…

13 Adgen Energy Age of dumb/slave becomes age of smart Electrolux smart fridge

14 Adgen Energy Smart Grid allows for a different energy set up: embedded, fast responding, partnerships.

15 Adgen Energy BIOLOGY AND SMART, LEAD TO RISE OF SYSTEMS Major Investment Themes: Systems, connected, partnerships. Single building examples City wide examples

16 Adgen Energy The New Ground Rules: understanding interconnectivity Source: The IFF Interactive World Model

17 Adgen Energy Our company’s Embedded Energy Solution – today! Local connectivity Home Energy Local Farms and Gardens (Fertiliser) Local Biogas Plant Organic waste from local homes and businesses The same folk

18 Adgen Energy INFRASTRUCTURE MIGRATION Major Investment Themes: Urban Age Global Energy Patterns Infrastructure

19 Adgen Energy Bioenergy in the city? OR crops in city and farming for bioenergy? Apartments, Austria Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada

20 Adgen Energy First glimpse of integrating technologies. Urban Farms on amazing scale! Potatoes farming in central Tokyo. Not your local allotment, this is full production scale. Cooling the roof. Some cities experimenting with gray water treatment and non edible plants. Chicago: lettuce, herbs and veggies. Some numbers: 12,000 square feet (0.11 ha) Yields 20,000 lbs of veggies (9,000 kg) Income $25/ft2 over cost $15/ft2.

21 Adgen Energy So how to graft on to this? Use existing buildings. 150,000 lbs soil (68 tonnes) 20°C decrease in roof temp. 9°C decrease in full building temp. 30% less winter heating needed. Biogas perspective (today’s technology). We look and say, ‘wow’ use for my organic fertiliser! CHP (Fuel Cell or gas) – “super, use for my C02!” Biogas and CHP look at each other and smile with the new friendship. Still room for Solar Therm, Air S. Heat Pumps, smart devices and other friends. Brooklyn, NY – professional farm. Montreal, Canada– professional farm.

22 Adgen Energy Migration uses old and new players Fuel cell installer (new)Biogas developer (newish) Energy flows (old) Building FM (old & new) Old players: Customer base Customer handling capabilities (CRM). Operations & Maintenance. New Players. Niche solutions Highly skilled in new technologies. Understand integrated solutions. Commercially flexible, partnerships.

23 Adgen Energy Scale of “hardware” city sized, not room size. 36 MWhr Battery, is the entire building, paired with 40MW generation (solar and wind)

24 Adgen Energy Integrating it all – think your local utility can?

25 Adgen Energy Introducing Adgen Energy Plants in Partnership ADGEN ENERGY

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