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Social Science Integration & NOAA/NWS

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1 Social Science Integration & NOAA/NWS
National Weather Service Vankita Brown, Ph.D. Jennifer M. Sprague SPP OCWWS National Weather Service August 5, 2013

2 Towards Integration Operations & Decision-Making
NOAA Social Science Needs Assessment Risk Communication Economic Valuation NOAA Social Science Tiger Team Budget and Workforce Realities Part of NOAA/NWS Dialogue and Message Weather-Ready Nation Forethought, not Afterthought Better understanding of societal impacts Making our information more relevant to decision makers Participating directly in decision making for those decisions fundamental to the role of government, especially the protection of life and property Counting on market forces to provide diverse decision-support services across the entire economy

3 Towards Integration Research
Joint NWS & OAR WRN Research Awards Sandy Assessment & Sandy Supplemental Storm Surge Research Hazards Simplification CR Impacts Based Warnings Internal & External Leveraging Four WRN Research Awards: Flood Risk and Uncertainty: Assessing the National Weather Service’s Forecast and Warning Tools Utilization of Real-Time Social Media Data in Severe Weather Events: A Proposal to Evaluate the Prospects of Social Media Data Use of Severe Weather Forecasting, Communication, and Post-Event Assessments Social and Behavioral Influences on Weather-Driven Decisions The Impact of Uncertainty Information on Tornado Warning Response: Developing Recommendations for Warning Best Practices

4 Weather-Ready Nation Vision
The end goal of a “Weather-Ready Nation” is to help people make better decisions with better information. Society’s ability to prepare for natural disasters requires a societal response equal to the risk. R&D • R2O • O2R SOCIETAL RESPONSE EQUAL TO RISK

5 National Weather Service Social Science Projects

6 NOAA’s Center for Atmospheric Science (NCAS)
Cooperative Science Center (CSC) Howard University (lead institution) Jackson State University University of Texas at El Paso University of Puerto Rico at Mayaquez University of Maryland College Park State University of New York at Albany

7 Social Science Projects
National Disaster Risk Communication Social and Behavior Research Dr. Terri Adams-Fuller, Dr. Carolyn Stroman, Michelle Dovil, Rita Jacobs (OAR) 5 focus groups (two more in Fall) Houston, TX; Birmingham, AL; San Juan, PR; Washington, DC; New York City Survey Development

8 Social Science Projects
Heat Project Internal Assessment Focus Groups Dr. Terri Adams-Fuller, Dr. Carolyn Stroman, Michelle Dovil, Rita Jacobs Assessment of NWS Heat Outreach Materials Dr. Tia Tyree et al. External Assessment HU Capstone Communications Laboratory

9 Social Science Projects
Survey to ESL/Spanish Speaking Customers Customer Satisfaction Survey Service Assessments Social Media use Among African Americans Dr. Crystal Adkisson

10 Questions and Discussion
Jennifer Sprague Vankita Brown

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