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Strategic Planning for CSOs Part 1 – The Process Rob Fuller Director of Entrepreneurship.

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1 Strategic Planning for CSOs Part 1 – The Process Rob Fuller Director of Entrepreneurship

2 MEET U.S.2 What is Strategic Planning?

3 MEET U.S.3 33 Russell L. Ackoff “Plan or be Planned for” Why Plan?

4 MEET U.S.4 44

5 5 The Basic Elements of Strategic Planning Vision & Mission Strategy Desired Outcomes Resulting Actions Action Plans


7 MEET U.S.7 Strategic alternatives to deal with emerging critical issues Choose the “best” strategy Develop action plans Take Action Report, evaluate progress, revise Update and renew progress Opportunities, Threats, Challenges Triggers for Change Major Issues Screen and filter 3-4 critical issues with high impact on organization External environment Internal environment

8 MEET U.S.8 The Nine Tasks of Strategic Planning Audit the Situation Review Your Mission Conduct SWOT Analysis Prioritize Issues Choose Strategy Write the Plan Obtain Approval(s) Carry Out the Plan Monitor & Evaluate

9 MEET U.S.9 1. Audit the current situation

10 MEET U.S Review your mission

11 MEET U.S Conduct SWOT Analysis.

12 MEET U.S Prioritize issues, problems, opportunities & threats

13 MEET U.S Choose appropriate goals and strategies.

14 MEET U.S Write the plan.

15 MEET U.S Obtain approval(s) for the plan.

16 MEET U.S Carry out the plan.

17 MEET U.S Monitor the plan and evaluate results

18 MEET U.S.18 What does Success Look Like? How will you know if you are a success? How do you define success for your organization? Do you have a sustainable strategy?

19 MEET U.S.19 Clarifying My Mission Why does my organization exist? What does it do? Who are my constituents? What does my organization stand for? Who is my competition?

20 MEET U.S.20 Visioning Creating the Corporate Future : Plan or be Planned For Russell L. Ackoff, Wharton “Idealized Designs” Bell Labs,

21 MEET U.S.21 Assessment tool 1 21 My three-year vision Capture your thoughts on the Handout Don’t analyze Avoid saying, “That won’t work because…”

22 MEET U.S.22 Assessment tool 2 22 Where am I today? Record your reality on the Handout What’s good? What’s not so good? Don’t make excuses

23 MEET U.S.23 Assessment tool 3 23

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