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Welcome to Fuller Meadow School

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1 Welcome to Fuller Meadow School
Kindergarten Overview

2 Fuller Meadow School Kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2
: 16 classrooms for just under 300 students For , we will have 5 sections of Kindergarten

3 Staff Introductions Kindergarten Teachers Office/Administrative Staff:
Caroline Halligan Karen Newton Lisa Scharffenberg Laurie Murphy Amanda Libby Andrea Stevens, Kindergarten Special Educator Office/Administrative Staff: Dr. Bernard Creeden, Superintendent of School Diane Carreiro, Principal Katie Provost, Early Childhood/Special Education Coordinator Joan Garber, School Secretary Gail Nicholls, Office Assistant Dale Marshall, School Nurse

4 Fuller Meadow School Hours
Monday-Friday 8:30-3:00 Buses begin arriving at 8:15 and student arrival may begin at 8:15

5 Arrival Children can arrive at Fuller Meadow between 8:15 and 8:30
For the first week of school, teachers will meet their students outside and walk them into the building School begins at 8:30

6 Bus Students take the bus unless they live within walking distance
Parental transportation is optional The bus transports kindergarten through grade 6 students together On the Meet and Greet Day (tbd, but likely at the end of August), your student will have the opportunity to board the bus and ask the driver questions.

7 Kindergarten Safety For the first 1-2 weeks, teachers will wait outside for the Kindergarteners to arrive. Your Kindergartener will be asked to wear a teddy bear tag to distinguish in which class they belong and for identification purposes. These tags will be given out during Kindergarten Screening in September. Kindergarten children are seated in the first few rows of seats on the bus. Bus BEHAVIOR problems should be reported to Mrs. Carreiro. Logistical Bus Route problems should be addressed with Mr. Greenberg in Central Office.

8 School Safety Fuller Meadow Rules: LOCKED DOORS at all times Sign In!
Middleton Public School Wide Behavior Expectations Matrix Middleton Public Schools Discipline Rubric LOCKED DOORS at all times Sign In! Visitor Badge Cameras Security Plans and Drills

9 Kindergarten Curriculum
Common Core State Standards

10 Reading/Language Arts
Balanced Literacy Guided Reading Fundations Letter Formation Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Sound Mastery Phonics Vocabulary Irregular (Trick) Word Instruction Fluency Comprehension Written Composition Oral Language Development Vocabulary development Phonemic Awareness Writer’s Workshop Expression of ideas into print Application of phonemic awareness

11 Mathematics Math in Focus Geometry Measurement Data Analysis
Number and Operation Geometry Measurement Data Analysis Problem Solving Communication Connections Representation

12 Science & Social Studies
Seasons and their changes Non-living vs. living things Concept of fairness, rules, responsibility Family, town, own address, neighborhood US national holidays Knowledge of important American symbols Learn the Pledge of Allegiance & Patriotic songs

13 Art, Music, Library, Computer and Physical Education

14 Snack and Lunch This year, lunch costs $2.50 per day and milk costs $.60. Students should bring a healthy snack daily They may bring or purchase a lunch and milk. School menus are located on our school website and a paper copy goes home at the beginning of each month. Please notify the health office and the classroom teacher if your child has any allergies. Lunches can be paid for in advance using the My School Bucks system at

15 What does a Kindergarten Day Look Like?
Morning meeting/circle time RTI (Response to Intervention)/WIN (What I Need) Snack Specialists: physical education, music, art, computers, library Math Recess/lunch Guided reading/literacy centers Writer’s Workshop Health & Wellness/Olweus Read aloud Science/Social Studies

16 Dismissal Students remain in their classrooms at dismissal until…
Walkers, pickups or afterschool children are called over the loud speaker. Students who are being picked up are called to the cafeteria. Students who ride the bus are dismissed to the gymnasium to wait for their buses to be called.

17 Classroom Assignments
Classroom assignments take into account: balance of class size, consideration of a wide range of abilities, balance of boys & girls, social dynamics of the group, and appropriate instructional grouping. Classroom assignments will be communicated via postal mail in late June/early July.

18 Meeting the Teacher Students will receive information regarding a “Meet and Greet” with the Kindergarten teachers before the start of school. Your child will also participate in the Kindergarten Screening in early September. First Day of School for Kindergarten is September 8, 2014. Kindergarten Open House for Parents is in September. (date tbd) Kindergarten Teachers will schedule conferences in December and March/April.

19 Health Related Requirements
Student Physicals Immunizations Hearing/Vision…Height/Weight Emergency Cards/Contacts Medical Concerns Illness in the AM Working Towards Independence

20 Before & After School Programs
Both are held at Fuller Meadow School. Go to the Middleton Public Schools Homepage at for more information about both programs or for information regarding registering your child. Mrs. Janet Bilicki is the Program Coordinator.

21 Middleton PTO Join the PTO!!!!
Check out the website and join the mailing list at

22 Finally… Enjoy your summer with your child.
Practice oral counting (up to 100). Learn and practice the alphabet song. Practice identifying and differentiating between upper and lowercase letters. Build and support your child’s independent self-help skills (zippers, buttons, shoes, etc.) Go to Flint Library and take out books. Get alphabet books, concept books, and story books. Sit with your child and share books every single day! Provide opportunities for your child to draw and write. Come to the Kindergarten Parent Breakfast on the first day of school, sponsored by the PTO. WATCH YOUR SUMMER MAIL!

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