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The Carter Family 1925-1956 Poor Valley, Virginia.

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1 The Carter Family 1925-1956 Poor Valley, Virginia

2 ALVIN PLEASANT “A. P.” CARTER “A. P.” played violin as a child and sang in the church choir. “A. P.” marries Sara Dougherty in 1915. “A. P.” led the Original Carter Family from 1926-1943. “A. P. sang and played bass.

3 Sara Dougherty She was the voice of the Original Carter Family. Sara purchased an autoharp when she was 12. The autoharp complemented the guitar work of Maybelle to form their signature sound.

4 The Carter Family In 1925 they began performing with Sara's cousin, Maybelle Addington, as the Carter Family. Made their first recording in 1927 known as the Bristol sessions for Victor Talking Machine Company.

5 Maybelle Addington Grew up in a musical family. Won a banjo contest when she was 12. Developed her own style of playing guitar. Her signature style was known as the “Carter Scratch.” Married Ezra Carter on March 13, 1926. Later, she formed a group with her daughters called The Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle.

6 The Great Depression and Border Radio Dr. Brinkley opens a radio station in Kansas to advertise new operation to cure medical problem. “Dr.” Brinkley’s medical and radio licenses are revoked. “Dr.” Brinkley opens radio station across the Rio Grande (the border) from Texas in Mexico. The Depression cut into The Carter’s record sales. The Carter’s receive an invitation to play twice daily on XERA, a 500 kilowatt border radio. $75 each weekly and exposure in 48 states plus parts of Canada.

7 The Second Generation (A.P. and Sara’s Children) Janette Carter—began in late 1930’s, singer and songwriter who gathered songs, went to Texas for border radio. Joe Carter—played guitar and sang, joined in the early 1950’s.

8 The Second Generation (Maybelle’s Daughters) Helen Carter— played accordion. June Carter—sang, married Johnny Cash. Anita Carter— recorder with Hank Snow and Waylon Jennings.


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