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BASIC INFO 1974-1998 (1996) USA, NY Punk Rock Name  J.Ramone 2263 concerts.

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2 BASIC INFO 1974-1998 (1996) USA, NY Punk Rock Name  J.Ramone 2263 concerts

3 Ramones---History First Punk Rock band Ramones terms in history: >Gabba, gabba HEY! >Hey ho! Let’s Go! >We’re a happy family New style

4 RAMONE’s STYLE („Ramoneska”)-leather jacket with metal zipper

5 RAMONES Joey Ramone Johnny Ramone Dee Dee Ramone Tommy Ramone

6 Songs Short (Ramones-I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement -longest song 2:30) Easy (Blizkried Bop) Ridiculous text (Beat on the brat) Lively, happy, energetic

7 History II.1976-Ramones  firts album Youngstown  First concer  10 people 4.VII.1976- London  Big sucess  met Sex Pistols & The Clash 1977-Rocket to Russia  Ramones became famous

8 Also History but only this fascinating things 1797-Ramones recorded End of the Century  Dee Dee Ramone refused to play the same riffs all time  Producer took gun 1981-Pleasant Dreams is similar to End of the Century  Fans wanted the songs with similar rythme 1987-Richie Ramone left the band  other members didn’t share money with him 1993-Ramones in Simpsons 1995-Adios Amigos  „to be or not to be”

9 The end of the Ramones 10 VII 1999- Ramones met last time 1995-Joey Ramone has lymphoma (disease)  15 IV 2001 † 10 III 2002-Ramones added to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 5 VI 2002-Dee Dee Ramone overdosed heroine 15 IX 2004-Johnny Ramone died for prostate cancer Tommy Ramone

10 Popular songs Pinehead Sheena is a punk rocker We’re a happy family Havana Affair Blitzkrieg Bop Now I wanna sniff some glue 53rd & 3rd Rock’n’roll radio

11 QUIZ Who died, because overdosed heroine? Which album was first? What type of music played Ramones? Which band Ramones met 4 VII 1976? From which song is „Gabba, gabba HEY!”? Who is not dead today from Ramones? Say three things characteristic for Ramone’s songs. Say four things characteristic for Ramone’s style.

12 Sources My own head! [and also Dee Dee Ramone ;-) ] Encyclopedia of punk; Bryan Cogan Sometimes Why they are looking at us? You know... We are stars!

13 THE END By Simon Krasusky (in Poland: Szymon Krasuski)

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