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Success Story in Bauskā WISER project Bauska, 2011.

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1 Success Story in Bauskā WISER project Bauska, 2011

2 SIA (Ltd) “GUSTO” Andra Katkeviča and Līga Elmane

3 SIA “GUSTO” was established in 2010 The enterprise is located in Bauska – administrative centre of the Bauska County. The production unit and sales is here and, although, the place is temporarily quite small, but it is cozy and full of good feelings. The enterprise produces natural cosmetics – cosmetics from natural raw materials without any destructive preservatives – Face creams; Hand and feet creams; Body scrubs, butter, creams; Lip balsams.

4 The initial profession for both entrepreneurs is a work with children: Andra Katkeviča is a psychologist; she works in Islice Secondary School and in the Social Department with families and children. Also Līga Elmane works in Bauska Secondary School nr.1 as a psychologist and teaches psychology to senior students. This enterprise is the first business for both ladies and the first experience as entrepreneurs. After the work at school and Social Department it is a quite sharp change. At this moment they both have managed successfully their work in profession and work in the cosmetic production unit.

5 Idea of creating the own enterprise arose as a desire to create, to take responsibility about the own welfare, to do something feminine and pleasant. Such an entrepreneurship – as Andra and Līgu accent – is a great opportunity where to “invest” own creative potential! “All starts with a faith: we believe in our idea and our close, beloved one believe in us,” say Andra and Līga. During the first WISER project local meeting both ladies announced loudly: we want to become entrepreneurs! Alongside the WISER project in Bauska County the Business Garden with the Norway Grant support was established. This project foreseen different support opportunities for the new entrepreneurs - just started their business. And both ladies decided to take this chance.

6 The both owners mainly work in the enterprise, but they have a contract with a chemist who supervises formation of prescription and producing; and they have also an agreement with a sales-women for visiting trade. The working time is not limited in the enterprise, of course. As both entrepreneurs have also the basic work then working for “Gusto” are just evening, nights and weekends. As Andra says: “We work in case of need.”

7 As the main supporters and teachers in entrepreneurship Andra and Līga name Business Incubator of Jelgava Innovation Centre and consultant Edgars Letinskis. Support the enterprise receives from the JIC is not only financial but also the real life lessons. “JIC work like instructors teaching us drive a car,” stāsta Līga, “being knowledgeable specialists with their own business experience, they keep the foot on a pedal to protect us from useless and needless failures. At the same time we learn in “alive”.” As a very special supporters entrepreneurs name their family and closest friends – everybody helps how they can.

8 As the main advantage being a woman in business Andra and Liga first of all name the attitude. “Our clients often say that we smile a lot, we are positive and enthusiastic. I do not know...maybe it is because we are women and we simply are such persons!” Even if at first it seems unreal, everything is manageable. There are a lot of unknown things, so you need not be ashamed – just go and ask, ask for help, explanations. Prudentials is important. Then in the every-day’s work you do not take risks unnecessary.

9 The entrepreneurs are sure that have not faced big problems or difficulties yet. Andra accents: “If any problem will appear we consider that step by step everything is solvable.” Initially they were afraid of the myth dominating in society: about arrogance of the state institutions towards entrepreneurs. However, by now it is not affirmed upon the enterprise’s work. In every institution – either it is the Enterprise Registering Office or SRS, or the Health Inspection, they have faced just a very encouraging, interested and professional officials.

10 Women’s families are their greatest support. They help as they can. However, sometimes, of course, it is difficult. As Andra says: “At least now they are more proud of us than being angry about the took-away time we could spend with them.” Work in the enterprise takes all the free time. Andra has almost no time for her hobby – belly dance. Also Liga’s hobbies are covered completely with a work in “Gusto.”

11 Future Plans There is very much to do: Have to look for new clients; Have to find an opportunity to export the production; Have to create new produc lines. Lots of ideas! “We as beginners have a fantastic opportunity – there is a lot of things we have to grow, and we will simply grow!” says Andra, “We will have a bigger production unit and we will sell a lot, but anyway – it will be our handwork and work of our hearts!”

12 Believe in your idea and simply do!!! Andra un Liga

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