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Hosted by Miss Derry Public Speaking, Rhetoric, & Debate.

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2 Hosted by Miss Derry Public Speaking, Rhetoric, & Debate

3 100 200 400 300 400 Personality Is that American? Can You Hear Me Now? Potpourri 300 200 400 200 100 500 100

4 Row 1, Col 1 What the other person would need to know if you are not available to talk to them When you would be back Who else could help them What is on your outgoing message for an answering machine or voice mail?

5 1,2 Changing from one language to another when speaking; requires high level of proficiency in the grammar and vocabulary of both languages What is codeswitching?

6 1,3 They struggle to pay attention Encourages them to daydream What effect does a slow speaker have on listeners?

7 1,4 1.The sound must be accurately formed. 2. The sound must be sufficiently supported by the breath. 3. The sound must be completely finished. What are the 3 conditions for clear articulation?

8 2,1 Public transportation Church events Hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers Checkouts, cinemas, theatres Waiting rooms, libraries, lecture rooms What are some places that you should have the cell phone turned off or the ring tone muted?

9 2,2 The practice of spelling words to resemble the way they are pronounced (ex., them thar hills, gonna) What is eye dialect?

10 2,3 Become frustrated Tune out What effect does a fast speaker have on listeners?

11 2,4 A raised pitch What is inflection?

12 3,1 Considered good manners and simplest form of a greeting when making or receiving a phone call. What is “hello”?

13 3,2 Adjusting or changing from one style of speech to another; always occurs within the same language What is style shifting?

14 3,3 How you use your voice to create interest, excitement, and emotional involvement What is vocal variety?

15 3,4 Raised hand for the word “stop” and two raised fingers for the number two. What are conventional gestures?

16 4,1 Formation and utterance of words; product of correct sounds in the sequence of a word What is pronunciation?

17 4,2 How a language is structured What is grammar?

18 4,3 Pleasant Natural Dynamic Expressive Easily heard What should your ideal voice sound like?

19 4,4 You appear confident and poised You release nervous energy, making you feel more relaxed and comfortable You provide visual transitions from one point to the next You keep the audience’s attention What are the benefits of working the room?

20 5,1 Relates to the fullness and clarity of speech sounds What is enunciation?

21 5,2 The view that there is a right and a wrong way to speak a language and that there are certain correct forms that should be used What is prescriptivism?

22 5,3 How distinctly you formulate your words; includes both how you pronounce individual words and how clearly you create speech sounds What is articulation?

23 5,4 The objective description of the way people actually speak without judgment about how they “should” speak What is descriptivism?

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