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Vocabulary Idioms & Phrases Paragraphs 4-7 Post-reading.

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2 Vocabulary Idioms & Phrases Paragraphs 4-7 Post-reading

3 Listen to paragraphs 4-7 Skip

4 Now, answer the following questions.

5 What kind of music should be played to make people feel pleasant? Soft music.

6 What can be sold as specials? Things that are not selling very fast can be sold as specials. People will think they are cheaper and buy them.

7 Why are red or pink lights be placed over the meat? Red or pink lights can be placed over the meat to make it look redder and fresher.


9 Another study showed that for every minute a person spends in a supermarket after the first half hour, she or he will spend $1.00. showed 是過去式,但是 that 子句裡 spends 是現在式,是指這項研究的結果現在已成為行 銷理論 ( 不變的真理 ) 。 If someone stays for 40 minutes, the supermarket makes an additional $10.00. make vt. 賺錢 (= earn) He makes a lot (of money) in his job.

10 A store usually has a comfortable temperature in the summer and winter, and it plays soft music. It is a pleasant place for people to stay and spend more money. 句型 : It is + NP/Adj + for sb + to V  It is a good way for people to communicate with one another.  It is unusual for female birds to sing. →For female birds to sing is unusual.

11 Supermarkets also sell some things at lower, or special, prices every week. sell/buy + sth + at a...price 以 … 價錢賣/買 比較: sb + sell/buy + sth + for 錢 sb + pay 錢 + for sth sth + cost + sb + 錢 I bought the used car at a low price of NT $80,000. →I bought the used car for NT $80,000. →I paid NT $80,000 for the used car. →The used car cost me NT $80,000.

12 The prices on some of these “specials” are not really lower than their regular prices. For example, an item that is usually $.50 might be a special at 2/$1.00 (that’s two for one dollar). 關係代名詞 that 引導形容詞子句,修飾先行詞。 at prep. 以 … 價格 sell the wine at four dollars a bottle that’s = that is = that is to say 也就是說 The meeting will be held next Monday, that is, May 5.

13 Or if something is not selling very fast at $.69, it is put on special at 2/$1.40. 商品的銷路狀況則經常以主動狀態表達,此種 動詞稱為功效動詞。  This novel is selling well.  This novel won’t sell. be put on special ( 產品 ) 以特價出售 People think the product is cheaper than usual and buy it. than usual 比平常 … ( ←→ as usual 如往常 )  She went to bed later than usual.  She went to bed before ten as usual.

14 Some stores have red or pink lights over the meat so the meat looks redder and fresher. They put light green paper around lettuce and put apples in red plastic bags. over 表示「在 … 正上方」,但無直接接觸。  The clouds were over our heads.  There is a bridge over the river.

15 So be careful in the supermarket. You may go home with a bag of food you were not planning to buy. Marketing specialists, not you, decided you should buy it. So: Therefore be careful 祈使句表示「命令、請求」 = you should/had better be careful “you were not planning to buy” 為形容詞 子句,前面省略關係代名詞 that 或 which , 修飾先行詞 。 Back

16 Post - reading

17 1.The location of a product helps sell it. 2.Marketing specialists use all kinds of ways to sell products. 3.Some specials do not really have lower prices. 4.Soft music and a comfortable temperature help sell products. Check the main idea of the reading.


19 1. Where can you find rice in a supermarket? Why do you think it is put in that place?

20 Reference answer: I usually find rice on a bottom shelf in the corner of a supermarket. I think there are two reasons for it. One is that rice is a very basic, necessary food for us. There is no need to put it in a place where people can easily see Next

21 it. If people need to buy it, they will try to find it no matter where it is. The other reason is that people may have to walk by all the more interesting and more expensive items before they get to where rice is. This way people may buy more and spend more.

22 2. Have you ever found that “specials” were not really cheaper than usual? Describe your experience.

23 Reference answer: I remember once I was buying food at my neighborhood supermarket. When I was putting my food on the check-out counter, I noticed some chocolate bars being sold. Beside them was a sign, which said, “Specials.” Thosebars were on sale for Next

24 only a week. If I bought three at a time, I could get them for NT $ 50. I thought it was a good deal, so I bought them. One week later when I went there again, I was surprised to find thesame chocolate bars were NT $ 15 per piece. The “specials” were not cheaper at all! Back

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