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Elementary Scales and Growth-Based Report Card

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1 Elementary Scales and Growth-Based Report Card
Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation

2 What is a scale? A scale or rubric represents a learning outcome laid out in a continuum from no knowledge on the topic or skill to knowing it beyond grade level expectations.

3 The Simplified Scale 4.0 Learning above and beyond what was taught 3.5 3.0 The Learning Goal – What you expect the student to know or be able to do 2.5 2.0 The Simpler Stuff – Foundational knowledge, partial knowledge or simpler procedures 1.5 1.0 The Student needs help to perform .5 0.0 The Student does not demonstrate any knowledge of the skill

4 Advantages of the Scales to Students
Clear short term and long term objectives or goals The opportunity to extend learning by going above and beyond The opportunity to take control of their own learning The opportunity for student generated assessment

5 Advantages of the Scale to the Parent/Community
Ability to identify very specific areas of need in order to help student Clear picture of where what the student is doing well and what the student is not doing well Elimination of surprises in grading - grades are based on transparent data

6 The New Report Card - The new report card will look something like this. It is different from previous report cards in that it depicts both the current performance level as well as growth over time. The B represents the students baseline score, or about where their knowledge level was prior to instruction. This score is represented by the black bar on the report card. Each nine weeks will be represented as well (under T1, T2, etc…). The most current score will be represented by the gray bar. It is important to note that we expect students to perform at level 3 or higher by the end of the school year. A score of 1 at the beginning of the school year is completely normal and should be expected in most cases.

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