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Tips on Mentoring Classroom Management Skills Jane Levin Escondido Adult School/ROP.

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1 Tips on Mentoring Classroom Management Skills Jane Levin Escondido Adult School/ROP

2 Teachers/Mentors A good teacher remembers..... What it felt like to know nothing about their subject. A good mentor remembers.... What it felt like to know nothing about teaching.

3 In the beginning.... I thought teachers just “taught”! And many other myths.......

4 New Teacher “Myths” 1.Learning is all about the lesson plan and a solid curriculum. 2.I will be respected as the teacher because of my position and my knowledge. 3.If I have discipline issues, they are caused by troubled students. When I am able to get rid of them, my class will run smoothly.

5 New Teacher “Myths” 4.If I am an expert on my topic, my class will be successful. 5.If I am a friend to my students, the class will be a fun and successful learning environment. 6.Discipline issues are the result of purposefully disruptive students.

6 In the beginning.... I didn’t even know the term “classroom management”!

7 Classroom Management What in the world is it and why do I care?

8 “Classroom Management” includes.... All the things a teacher does to organize space, time and materials to ensure student learning takes place in a safe environment.

9 What does Good CM Look Like? 1.Students involved in their work 2.Students know what is expected of them and are generally successful 3.Little wasted time, confusion or disruption 4.Climate of classroom is work oriented but relaxed and pleasant

10 What is a Mentor To Do? 10 Tips for Getting New Teachers Moving Toward Great Classroom Management

11 Tip #1 Define the Goal What does CM mean? What does a well managed class look like?

12 Tip #2 Emphasize Importance Get the “buy in” – Question: “What’s in it for me?” Answer: “This will make your life easier!” Out of 28 Factors that control learning, Classroom Management #1 BEFORE Instruction!!

13 Tip #3 Know Your Instructor What does your teacher know/understand now? What is their background? Are they already in a classroom? Not yet?

14 Tip #4 Assess Your Starting Point Individualize the needs of class Consider student population Consider teacher’s background/personality

15 Tip #5 What Do They Need Now? Don’t drown them in data Distill down to essentials Quick useful resources Keep it simple!

16 Tip #6 Don’t Use Jargon How do I make the topic of classroom management less daunting? Use examples of true stories when teaching the techniques

17 Tip #7 Be Present in the Process Don’t assume “resources” have provided all they need Watch for things to praise and “reconsider” Visit often

18 Tip #8 Reinforce Your Role as Mentor! We are coaches, not evaluators Share your failures and successes Steer clear of the “all wise” sage

19 Tip #9 Don’t Expect a Cry for Help DON’T assume that your new teacher... understands the concepts of classroom management Will ask you for help with problems Will let you know when things are not going well in class

20 Tip #10 Help New Teachers “Connect” There is always something new to experience You aren’t alone! I am learning with you

21 In Review, Before You Begin.... Remember your past when mentoring. “What do I wish I had known when I was a new teacher?” “What would have helped me most right away?”

22 Consider the tips: 1.Define the goal – Classroom Management 2.Explain its importance 3.Get to know your teacher and their class/subject 4.Assess their immediate needs 5.Provide simple materials ASAP

23 More tips..... 6.Don’t use jargon 7.Be ever present in the process 8.“Mentor”, don’t “assess” 9.Don’t expect a cry for help 10.Look for ways to connect your new teachers

24 Resources for Classroom Management The First Days of School. Harry and Rosemary Wong The Effective Teacher (video series) by Wong CTE Teach online – ▫ Professional Development Module 2 Contra Costa COE - - search for “New Teacher” page - gives good suggestions on rules/

25 Up to Speed Fast Hold initial workshop! Allows for teachers to ▫ Receive material quickly ▫ Gives them a chance to connect Visit classes as often as you can Meet with teachers individually

26 Inspirational Thought The greatest sign of success for a to be able to say “The children are now working as if I did not exist.” ~Maria Montessori Educator and Physician 1870-1952

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