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FYF –Find Your Future Make It Happen Interview Skills Copyrighted by Coastal Georgetown AAUW.

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1 FYF –Find Your Future Make It Happen Interview Skills Copyrighted by Coastal Georgetown AAUW

2 Agenda Learn about the interviewing process Follow a typical Cape Henlopen student – Discover choices she makes to prepare herself Watch videos about interviewing – Analyze best and worst practices Practice interviewing with a partner

3 Learn about the company Learn about the job Conduct a self- assessment Write a resume Watch a job interview video Practice interviewing Dress appropriately Get directions & reliable transportation How Do You Prepare for an Interview?

4 Demonstrate a pleasant appearance Show preparation for the interview Make a good impression Communicate well Close interview appropriately & plan follow-up How Do You Interview Successfully?

5 Take time to jot down key points after the interview Follow-up with a thank you note Call back and check on your application status What Action Do You Take After the Interview?

6 Interviewing What is it? A formal consultation, usually to evaluate qualifications of a prospective student or employee An opportunity for a candidate to share talents, skills, experiences, and goals with a potential employer

7 The Story of Ima Student Ima is a typical Cape Henlopen student Ima has identified her strengths and skills through a self assessment She has used the Career Pathway program at Cape Henlopen HS to further her skills

8 How Ima Prepared Herself Ima chose the Business Information Technology Career Pathway and earned advance college credits She used technology (database, desktop publishing, and Photoshop) in her volunteer activities Ima is planning to do an internship in her senior year that gives her college credit

9 Informational Interviews An informational interview is an appointment that you schedule with a particular individual for the purpose of gaining information from an insider point of view What Is It?

10 Information Interviews To gain valuable information for job hunting or to learn how you would fit into a particular organization To increase your interviewing skills To enlarge your circle of “expert” contacts and ask for other referrals Why do informational interviews?

11 Common Nonverbal Mistakes

12 65% of Employers Say Clothes Could be a Deciding Factor

13 The Worst Interview Blunders Appearing disinterested or arrogant Dressing inappropriately Talking negatively about current or previous employers

14 Introduction to the Interview Rubric Demonstrates a pleasant appearance Shows preparation for the interview Makes a good impression Communicates well Closes interview appropriately and follows up

15 The Good, Bad and Ugly of Interviews Video

16 Now It’s Your Turn Practice interviewing

17 Selling Your Best Attributes and Selling Yourself Knowledge-based skills are strengths acquired from education and experience. Transferable skills are portable, and you can take them from school to job, from one place to another. Personal traits are your unique qualities that make you the person you are.

18 Typical Interview Questions Employers What is your greatest strength? How do you handle stress and pressure? Describe a difficult work situation or project and how you resolved it.

19 Typical Interview Questions Colleges Tell me about yourself. Why are you interested in our college? Tell me about a challenge that you overcame.

20 Let’s Wrap It Up What did you learn? How will you prepare using the tools at Cape Henlopen? Questions?


22 Appendix

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