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Exploring the Relationships Among the Five Senses.

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1 Exploring the Relationships Among the Five Senses

2  1. If you had to give up one of your senses (hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch), which would you choose & why?  2. Describe a situation in which one of your remaining senses would help you compensate for the loss of the 5 th sense.  3. Is one sense more valuable than any other?  4. How easily can a person adapt to the loss of a particular sense?

3  5. What technologies have been developed to help people who have lost some or all of a particular sense?  6. How is information from one sense amplified by another sense (e.g. would you be able to smell as well if you could not see what you were smelling?)  7. Which do you think is worse: not being born with a particular sense at all, or losing that particular sense later in life? Why?  8. If you were a superhero, what would your special ability be? Why?

4  The loss of hearing is called audition. Sound is detected through vibrations in the ear. ◦ Responses to hearing loss include:  Hearing aids - news/52173658#52173658 news/52173658#52173658  Cochlear implants -  Ability to communicate with Sign language & /or Lip- reading  9. For fun… everyone be quiet & close your eyes. Write down all sounds you hear

5  Sight (or vision) allows people to see. Color blindness in a form of vision impairment ◦ Responses to blindness  Glasses/contacts  Brail (ability to read)  Laser eye surgery  Bionic eye  2013 a neural implant gave rats the ability to see infrared light  For fun… on.html on.html

6  The loss of smell (olfaction) is anosmia ◦ As a result, people may find food less appetizing, & may have problems detecting gas leaks or spoiled food ◦ Your attraction to people is associated with your pheromone smell ◦ Loss of smell can cause depression because you often associate your memories with smells ◦ The olfactory receptor neurons differ because they regularly die & regenerate on a regular basis

7  Smells are generally strong, pleasant or neutral ◦ sense-of-smell-stinks/ sense-of-smell-stinks/  10. For fun… what do you smell?

8  The ability to sense touch is somatosensory. ◦ You can perceive touch through skin, tongue, throat ◦ There are changes in pressure (firm, brushing, sustained) touch ◦ The loss of touch is called tactile anesthesia  Responses to loss of touch ◦ Bionic arm/legs ◦ ◦  11. For fun… describe the texture of what you feel

9  The ability to taste is gustation ◦ There are 5 different tastes: sweet, bitter, sour, salty, unami (pleasant/savory) ◦ Exposure to different foods at an early age can increase your food preferences ◦ Taste buds can change over time ◦ Some people are extremely sensitive to certain tastes (cilantro, onion, etc) ◦ understanding-taste-buds-video.htm understanding-taste-buds-video.htm  12. For fun… what do you taste? How would you describe these foods?

10  Born with all of her senses, at age 2 after an illness, she became blind, deaf & mute ◦ Her story is one of overcoming obstacles as she learned to communicate, went to college, & became a motivation to many

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