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3 5.1 ISLANDS  island(n): a piece of land completely surrounded b y water Vocabulary

4 5.1 ISLANDS  beach (n): an area of sand or small stones near the sea  We spent the day on the beach.  a beach café  a beach towel Vocabulary

5 5.1 ISLANDS  coast- (n): the land next to or close to the sea  the west coast of Africa Vocabulary

6 5.1 ISLANDS  cliff- (n): a high area of rock with a very steep side, often on a coast  Keep away from the edge of the cliff - you might fall Vocabulary

7 5.1 ISLANDS  lagoon (n): an area of sea water separ ated from the sea by a reef  Ölüdeniz has the best lagoon in Turkey. Vocabulary

8 5.1 ISLANDS  Hill(n): an area of land that is higher than the surrounding land:  Hills are not as high as mountains.  Their house is on the top of a hill. Vocabulary

9 5.1 ISLANDS  Wave (n): a raised line of water that moves across the surface of the sea:  At night, I listened to the sound of the waves. Vocabulary

10 5.1 ISLANDS  Look at the photos on pages 40 and 41  1a. How many of these things can you see?4  Where do you think these places are?  Have you ever visited an island?  What do you think of when you think of an island?

11 5.1 ISLANDS- reading  Shallow (adj): having only a short distance from the top to the bottom, not deep.  Shallow water Vocabulary

12 5.1 ISLANDS- reading  Shade (n): different types of one color  Shades of blue Vocabulary

13 5.1 ISLANDS- reading  transparent(adj): clear and easy to see through  transparent plastic boat Vocabulary

14 5.1 ISLANDS- reading  Calm (adj): a calm sea does not have many waves  Calm lake Vocabulary

15 5.1 ISLANDS- reading  impressive(adj): very good, very big/ important  There are some very impressive buildings in the town. Vocabulary

16 5.1 ISLANDS- reading  mysterious (adj): strange and difficult to explain or understand  He died in mysterious circumstances, and there is still a possibility that it was murder. Vocabulary

17 5.1 ISLANDS- reading  pleasant(adj): enjoyable, nice or friendly  pleasant climate/smile/person  a pleasant day/surprise Vocabulary

18 5.1 ISLANDS- reading  wild (adj): refers to plants or animals that li ve or grow independently of people, in natural conditions  wild flowers/grasses  Wild beasts Vocabulary

19 5.1 ISLANDS  Read the text and do the exercises  2a and 2b  Listen to the TV programme and do the exercises 3a, 3b and 3c

20 GRAMMAR- comparatives and superlatives


22 Now do the activities on you course book.


24  invade (v): to enter a place in large numbers, usually when unwanted and in order to take possession or do damage demonstrators invaded the Presidential Palace  invasion (n): an occasion when a large number of people or things come to a place in an annoying and unwanted way: the annual invasion of foreign tourists  invader (n): a person who invades The foreign invaders were finally defeated by allied forces.

25 5.2 INVASION  Environment(n): the air, water, and land in or on which people, animals, and plants live  Protect the environment!

26 5.2 INVASION  Cute(adj): pretty or attractive  He's got a really cute baby brother.

27 5.2 INVASION  Extinct (adj): a plant or animal that is extinct no longer exists  There is concern that the giant panda will soon become extinct.

28 5.2 INVASION  Neighbourhood (n): an area of a town, and the people who live in there  They live in a friendly neighbourhood.

29 5.2 INVASION  Species(n): a group of plants or animals of the same kind  Over a hundred species of insect are found in this area.

30 5.2 INVASION  pollution(n): damage caused to air, water, soil etc. by harmful chemicals and waste  air/water pollution

31 5.2 INVASION  Look at the photos on pages 42 and 43, which of the animals in exercise 1a can you see?  Which of these animals live in Turkey?  Which are cute?  Are these dangereous?  Are any of these nearly extinct?

32 5.2 INVASION  Read the article on page 43  Do the exercises 2a, 2b, 3

33 5.2 INVASION  Nouns and verbs  Some words are both nouns and verbs. Look at the examples:  Grey squirrels don’t damage the economy.  Apple snails cause a lot of damage in Asia.  Do the activity 5b

34 5.2 INVASION  Grammar- expressions of quality  A lot of  Few  Little  Many  much Find examples in the text and tell how we use these.



37 5.3 SCENARIO-Animals Online  Charity(n): an organisation that gives money or things to help to people or animals that are poor, sick or need protection

38 5.3 SCENARIO-Animals Online  Donate(v): to give sth, especially money to people or an organisation  An anonymous businesswom an donated one million dollars to the charity.

39 5.3 SCENARIO-Animals Online  Volunteer(v): to offer to do sth without being told  Volunteer(n): ?  During the emergency many staff volunteered to work through the weekend.

40 5.3 SCENARIO-Animals Online  Rescue(v): save sb or sth from harm or danger  Rescue (n): ? the lifeboat rescued the sailors from the sinking boat.

41 5.3 SCENARIO-Animals Online  Vet (n): short form of veterinary surgeon, sb who gives medical treatment to animals

42 5.3 SCENARIO-Animals Online  Sanctuary(n): a peaceful place that is safe and provides protection  a wildlife/bird sanctuary

43 5.3 SCENARIO-Animals Online  Captivity(n): when a person or animal is in prison/ cage and not allowed to leave  The animals were released after 865 days in captivity

44 5.3 SCENARIO-Animals Online  Awful(Adj): very bad or unpleasant  The soup smelled awful

45 5.3 SCENARIO-Animals Online  Look at the website on page 45, what kind of organisation is it for?  Do the exercises 1a and 1b on page 44.

46 5.3 SCENARIO-Animals Online  Listen to the converstaion and  do the exercises 2, 3a, 3b, 4a and 4b.

47 5.4 WRITING SKILLS: A Comparative Essay  Are there any volcanoes in Turkey? Are they famous?  Have you ever been up a volcano? If not would you like to go up a volcano?  Do you know these words?  Active, Dormant, Erupt, Eruption, cone

48 5.4 WRITING SKILLS: A Comparative Essay  Active (adj): able to explode at any time  Etna volcano in Italy is active.

49 5.4 WRITING SKILLS: A Comparative Essay  Dormant (Adj): not active but able to be active at a later time

50 5.4 WRITING SKILLS: A Comparative Essay Erupt (v): to explode with smoke, fire and rocks coming out of it Eruption (n): the time when a volcano becomes active and explodes.

51 5.4 WRITING SKILLS: A Comparative Essay  Cone (n): a hollow or solid object with a round base, sloping sides and a point at the top.

52 5.4 WRITING SKILLS: A Comparative Essay  Read the essay and choose the best title on page 47.  Compare the essay with the one on page 117. which is easy to understand? Why?

53 5.4 WRITING SKILLS: A Comparative Essay  An esssay has 3 main parts  I. Introduction  II. Main Body  III. Summary and Conclusion  Which paragraphs of the essay on page 47 are introduction, main body and conclusion?

54 5.4 WRITING SKILLS: A Comparative Essay  Introduction: give general information about the topic  State your aim  Main body: Paragraph 1: give details about one of the subtopics  Paragraph 2: give details about the other sobtopic  Conclusion: summarize the main points (make comparision between the two sub topics) and state your final opinion.

55 5.4 WRITING SKILLS: A Comparative Essay  Linkers Look at exercise 9a on page 47 Notice the differences between In contrast, but,and whereas. 9b. Write sentences similiar to the ones in ex. 9a.

56  Mountain Everest is 8848 m high. In contrast, Ben Nevis is1343 m high.  Mountain Everest is 8848 m high but Ben Nevis is1343 m high.  Mountain Everest is 8848 m high, whereas Ben Nevis is1343 m high.  North Sea is 310 m deep but Pacific Ocean is 11022 m deep.

57 5.4 WRITING SKILLS: A Comparative Essay


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