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Presentation to Charleston County Council Finance Committee January 23, 2014 Janet Segal Chairman, CCPL Board of Trustees.

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1 Presentation to Charleston County Council Finance Committee January 23, 2014 Janet Segal Chairman, CCPL Board of Trustees

2 In 1986, members of Charleston County Council agreed to let local voters decide if they wanted more libraries and were willing to pay the additional taxes to expand the system and services.  November 1986 – 76% of the voters said YES.  That was 28 years ago  Times have changed. Council has changed.  The question is the same –  November 2014 – Will you give residents the opportunity to decide if they want to build and pay for new libraries and library services?

3  1986 – County population was less than 290,000  2014 – County population is more than 370,000 27 percent growth  1986 – CCPL circulation was 873,660  2014 – CCPL circulation is more than 3.4 million 289 percent growth In 1986, no one had heard of the Internet.

4  Library Board recognized the shortcomings and initiated year-long Strategic Planning Process to:  Identify problems  Gain community input  Determine future needs  We found:  Buildings are old, unable to handle current service demands and modern technology.  Building and service expansion hasn’t kept up with county’s population growth.  CCPL doesn’t meet minimum service standards set for South Carolina libraries.

5  County residents use their libraries  75% in past six months  County residents value their libraries  90% considered libraries VERY important to community AND  Majority support increased library funding  Majority support designated line item on the tax bill for library funding Independent telephone survey of both library users and non-users.

6  Despite public support for increased services, CCPL falls below State Service Standards:  Should have 1.25 sq. ft. public space per capita  CCPL has.43 square feet of public space per capita  Current = 155,458Needed = 452,772  Should have four print materials per capita  CCPL has 3.1 print materials per capita  Current = 1,118,192 Needed = 1,448,869  Should have three public computers per 1,000 residents  CCPL has.9 public computers per 1,000 residents  Current = 349Needed = 1,086 Based on estimated 2012 population

7 West Ashley Branch John’s Island Regional St. Paul’s/Hollywood Mt. Pleasant Regional

8 A 2013 U.S. Census Bureau study found:  South Carolina ranks 47 th in home computer ownership, only above Mississippi and New Mexico. A 2012 Connected Nation study found:  22% of South Carolina residents don’t own a computer  34% don’t have broadband Internet access. And, certain residents fall far below the state average.  Residents not owning computers:  Low-income households – 47 percent  African Americans – 37 percent  Seniors 65 and older – 37 percent

9  In March 2012, Library Board presented the Strategic Plan’s major findings, including the need for:  Facility improvements;  Technology improvements:  Service improvements; and  Operational shortfalls.  County Council instructed county and library staff to work together to:  Analyze the most efficient way to fund Library operations to ensure library services stay up to date with population growth, technology and customer demands, and  Develop cost estimates for construction of new facilities and renovation of existing facilities for a future Bond Referendum.

10  Assessment looked at current needs, changes in technology, growth trends, service demands and future projections.  The extensive, combined effort resulted in a plan to:  Construct four branches, including:  New facility in the Carolina Park area of East Cooper  New facility along the Folly Road corridor  Replacing West Ashley and James Island branches  New facility in the Pinehaven/Chicora area  Replacing Cooper River Memorial Branch  New facility in the St. Paul’s community  Replacing St. Paul’s/Hollywood Branch  Renovate remaining 12 branches, including expansion of existing St. Andrews Regional.  Increase public space at the Main Library by relocating Support Services out of high-value downtown space.


12 New Construction continued on next page System-wide Technology Upgrades Automated Inventory Control Equipment-All Facilities - RFID technology/equipment for self check-out, self check-in and inventory control 2,218,178 Sub-Total RFID Technology/Equipment $2,218,178 $2,218,178 Renovation/Expansion of Existing Facilities NORTH AREA -Dorchester Road Regional1,365,947 -Otranto Road Regional1,365,947 CHARLESTON/SUBURBAN WEST ASHLEY -Main Library9,151,658 - Support Services Building/Relocation7,336,565 -St. Andrew’s Regional (includes 4,000-square-foot addition)2,533,447 -John L. Dart Branch492,365 -Folly Beach Branch157,607 EAST COOPER -Mt. Pleasant Regional1,681,654 -Mt. Pleasant-Village149,330 -Poe/Sullivan’s Island Branch307,138 -McClellanville Branch 133,308 WEST ISLANDS/SOUTH COUNTY -John’s Island Regional1,003,907 -Edisto Branch199,916 Sub-Total Renovations $25,878,789 Estimated Costs for November 2014 Referendum

13 New Construction NORTH AREA -Pinehaven/Chicora8,257,417 - Replaces Cooper River Memorial Branch CHARLESTON/SUBURBAN WEST ASHLEY -Folly Corridor21,630,685 - Replaces James Island Branch/West Ashley Branch EAST COOPER -East Cooper/Carolina Park - New23,256,165 WEST ISLANDS/SOUTH COUNTY -St. Paul’s8,151,880 - Replaces St. Paul’s/Hollywood Branch Sub-Total New Construction $61,296,147 SUB-TOTAL$89,393,114 County Estimate - Inflation Escalator and Construction Management ESCALATED CONSTRUCTION COSTS -Calculated at 2.5%/year13,219,882 ADDITIONAL COUNTY ENGINEERS/CONSTRUCTION PERSONNEL/YEAR 1,191,390 ESTIMATED TOTAL $103,804,386 3.0 Mills

14 NEW CONSTRUCTIONNEW CONSTRUCTION -Folly Corridor (May 2018) 780,936 -Mount Pleasant - Carolina Park (May 2018) 1,707,264 -Pinehaven (October 2017) 327,036 -St. Pauls (October 2017) 640,008 SYSTEMWIDE -Support Personnel 508,368 -Computer Leasing 119,040 -Library Materials 95,004 Total Library Additional Operating CostsTotal Library Additional Operating Costs$4,177,656 1.4 Mills If referendum passes, issue debt and increase millage in FY2016.

15  Cost for a $100,000 owner-occupied home:  $89.39 million = Construction/Renovation Cost for 17 buildings  2.6 mills or $10.40  $14.41 million = Estimated Inflation Escalator/Construction Mgmt.  0.4 mills or $1.60 Total 3 mills for construction and renovation bond debt = $12 on $100,000 owner-occupied home or $1 per month total for the entire household.  Additional operating costs once new facilities are open  1.4 mills or $5.60 or 47 cents per month  They get 17 new and renovated library facilities that touch every community in Charleston County from McClellanville to Edisto to North Charleston.

16  Charleston County residents used services valued at nearly $94 million in FY2013.  What does that mean?  $1 in county tax dollars = $6.61 in actual services  661% Return on Investment  $267 in services per county resident  Libraries are a good investment of tax dollars.  Libraries are a good investment in our community. Based on national values used to calculate cost if residents paid for services individually.

17  Libraries are a catalyst for economic development.  Early literacy programs  Small business information  Employment and career resources  Training and computer education  Libraries are the heart of vibrant, livable communities.  Open and accessible to everyone  Provide education, technology, and cultural resources  Community and neighborhood anchors  Promote community collaboration  Provide community meeting spaces


19  Even if the question is on the 2014 ballot and approved by voters:  Construction and renovation must be staggered over several years so library can continue providing services.  2017-2020 – new and renovated buildings open  2020 population estimate – 429,000  139,000 more than 1986 – date of last referendum.  60,000 more than current population.  And, things just keep moving faster:  Metro area is 12 th fastest growing community nationwide.  Charleston and North Charleston are ranked in the Top 100 Fastest Growing Cities

20 County residents need your leadership and support today. Put this issue on the November 2014 ballot so area residents can be heard. They deserve that opportunity.

21  Approve placing a question on the November 2014 ballot, allowing voters to consider a bond referendum of up to $103.8 million for the construction and renovation of Charleston County Public Library facilities, which may include:  Construction of four new libraries;  Renovation of 12 existing facilities, including expansion of St. Andrews Regional; and  Relocation of current support staff from existing high-value space in the Main Library to a separate location, freeing up existing support staff space for public use.  Instruct County and Library staff to:  Complete a detailed review of all costs to confirm final numbers; and  Return to Council by June with the final construction plan and costs plus the wording for the proposed referendum question that will be sent to the Board of Elections and Voter Registration for placement on the November 2014 ballot.

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