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We breathe 20,000 times a day WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT AIR.

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2 We breathe 20,000 times a day WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT AIR

3 What is in the Air? Dust Mites Leads to sinus infection and asthma Smoke Leads to cancer Bacteria Viruses Leads to flu Leads to asthma

4 Odours Leads to undesired atmosphere Pets’ scurf Leads to allergy Pollen Leads to allergies What is in the Air?

5 Benefits Refreshes air. Filters the air contaminated with unpleasant odours, smoke, pollen and bacteria. Releases a pleasant smell through its fragrance diffuser

6 Lifetime, washable 6-month filter life 4-Stage Filtration System 6-month filter life 24-month filter life

7 Antimicrobial Preliminary Filter Filter out large particles such as pet hair, pollen and dust Life: 6 months Material: PU-Foam and 20% SilverSan Powder 90% antibacterial effectiveness Tested by Dr Heinz W. Stadelmann, SilverSan AG

8 HPP TM System Filter Filter out fine dust, pollen, soot particles, viruses and mold spores Material: Aluminium, Tungsten wire, inflammable plastic Filter Life: lifetime (washable) Method: Magnetic Field Tungsten wire changes all the particles positively causing it to stick to negative-charged filter layers. Filters 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Silent operation

9 Capacity Hair = 60 - 150 Microns Pollen = 5 - 100 Microns Dust = 25 Microns Fungi = 10 Microns Dot (.) = 625 Microns Cleaning efficiency of up to 99.97% Micron size : as small as 0.3 microns Room size up to 50 m 2 /125 m 3 (TÜV Testing) Bacteria, small dust = 1 - 5 Microns Smoke, Tobacco = 0.3 - 1 Micron

10 Technology HPP TM SystemHEPA FunctionRemoves air particles, Volatile Organic Compounds and microbes. Removes air particles only. Capacity0.3 microns and over Up to rooms of 50 m 2 or 125 m 3. Depends on the MERV Rating, from 0.3 to 10 microns. EfficiencyOne of the best technology to remove air particles, VOCs and microbes. Good for air particles removal. MaintenanceWashable and reusable.Depends on usage intensity and not reusable. Filter LifeLifetime.Change yearly. NoiseSilent operationVery loud due to motors for air stream PriceOne-time investmentExpensive spare parts

11 Activated Carbon Filter Absorbs most gases, odours, unpleasant smells such as fish, cheese, smoke from the air. Filter Life: 6 months Within 30 minutes, the air in a room full of smoke can be cleaned and purified

12 Material : Aluminium Theory of naturally occurring spins. Benefits –Balances human autonomous system –Improves and strengthens energy and harmony –Harmonises the Chakras suffering from stress via breathing clean and energised air

13 Test Results By Dr Med. Manfred Doepp, a member of the Board of the German Society for Energy and Information Medicine e.V., Stuttgart, Germany.

14 Features Speed Levels: 5 speed levels Timer: 2, 4 and 8 hours Light: can be dimmed while you sleep The LED-filter Change Indicator: 2,160 hours Fragrance Compartment: max. 1-2 drops

15 Unique Selling Points Designed in Switzerland No need to change the main filter (HPP TM Filter System) Cleaning efficiency of up to 99.97% Elegant design World’s only Amezcua Air Filter The Antimicrobial Preliminary Filter is coated with SilverSan Powder to kill the bacteria which is the source of bad smells.

16 List of Certification CE/GS certification TÜV Rheinland for Efficiency Antibacterial prefilter Dr Stadelmann Amezcua air filter Dr Med. Manfred Doepp RoHS certificate

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