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Presentation of Recommendations North Thurston School Board March 29, 2011 North Thurston Public Schools 2010-2011 Facility Advisory Committee.

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1 Presentation of Recommendations North Thurston School Board March 29, 2011 North Thurston Public Schools 2010-2011 Facility Advisory Committee

2 The Facility Advisory Committee is comprised of community representatives, students, parents, and staff who will develop facility planning recommendations for consideration by the School Board. These recommendations will help in updating the district’s Capital Facilities Plan which will guide facility initiatives and construction projects. The FAC will be informed through a review of a variety of sources: Enrollment projections; program needs; City/County growth projections; school capacity information; review of future school sites; facility needs; funding options input from students, parents, citizens and staff; survey/polling information. Facilities Advisory Committee Mission 2010-2011

3 Active FAC Members Zain Abid, Patrick Boysen, Paul Brownell, Scott Chambers, Dan Coleman, Mitch Denning, Tracy Fosbre, Janis Gardner, Ida and Mario Haynes, Azeem Hoosein, Karen Johnson, Ken Leland, Scott Longanecker, Kenneth Marmion, JoAnn Mesojednik, Cecilia Mikler, Joyce Ott, Cherie Pallitto, Joe Pallitto, Graeme Sackrison, Zachary Sargent, Dick Sovde, Derek Stewart, Scott Turner, Rick Walk, Bruce Walton, Ruth Weigelt, Glenn Wells, Brian Westberg Consultants & Guest Speakers Jon Gores, Jeff Greene, Sharon Kennedy, Tom Kuehn, Vicky Lamoreaux, Troy Oliver, Shawn Lewis, Larry Weber, Kathryn Scotten & Dick Withycombe Staff John Bash, Mike Laverty, Courtney Schrieve, Teresa Ahlf, Lorrie Richmond Facilities Advisory Team 2010-2011

4 Nov. 3PROGRAMS NEEDSNorth Thurston High School Nov. 17GROWTH NEEDSChambers Prairie Elementary Dec. 1NEEDS REVIEWEvergreen Forest Elementary Dec. 14REPORT TO THE BOARDMountain View Elementary Oct. 20FACILITY NEEDSTimberline High School Sept. 22INITIAL MEETINGBower Learning Center Jan. 19NEW SCHOOLS & LAND ACQUISITION Woodland Elementary Feb. 2MODERNIZATIONSKomachin Middle School Feb. 16FACILITY UPGRADES & EMERGENT NEEDS Meadows Elementary Mar. 2NEEDS EVALUATION Pleasant Glade Elementary Mar. 23RECOMMENDATIONS Seven Oaks Elementary Committee Meetings

5 FACILITY NEEDS: Joe Pallitto, North Thurston High School staff member. FACILITY PRIORITY PROJECTS: Cecilia Mikler, Evergreen Forest Elementary parent and local businesswoman. FUNDING INPUT: Mitch Denning, retired community member and member of 2004 and 2006 Citizens’ Bond Committee. FAC Presentation Panel

6 School Board Recommendations March 29, 2011 Facility Needs: The work of this volunteer committee has been an extensive process. Over the past six months, the Facility Advisory Committee (FAC) has been involved in site visitations and small & large group discussions. They have also reviewed expert presentation materials and other district background related to planning, growth, facilities and programs. On March 2, the Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) reexamined and discussed: the District’s future growth projections facilities planning information project descriptions and related topics The FAC unanimously determined that North Thurston Public Schools has demonstrated a clear need for : (1) upgrades to existing facilities, and (2) construction of new facilities in response to continuing and projected student growth.

7 Facility Priorities: On March 2, the FAC carefully reviewed the district’s facility needs. Each member present at this meeting participated in a formal prioritization process, resulting in the following rank order list of projects and facility needs for school board consideration: 1.New Middle School #5 2.Addition and Modernization of Evergreen Forest Elementary 3.Addition and Modernization of North Thurston High School 4.Technology Infrastructure Upgrades District Wide 5.Addition and Modernization of Pleasant Glade Elementary School Board Recommendations March 29, 2011

8 Funding Input & Considerations: As a result of presentations, data and discussions regarding financing of school facility needs, the committee presents you with the following input: A. March 2, 2011 survey results regarding a maximum aggregate tax rate target for our school initiatives B. Funding considerations the board may need in making future decisions School Board Recommendations March 29, 2011

9 Aggregate Tax Rate Input Aggregate Tax Rates Number of Votes

10 Bond Information If Bond amount approved in 2013 is… Then Aggregate Tax Rate in 2014 would be… $50 million$ 5.10 / $1000 $75 million$ 5.33 / $1000 $100 million$ 5.51 / $1000 $125 million$ 5.77 / $1000 Aggregate assumes 20-year Bond Term Aggregate assumes a 4-year construction cycle Aggregate assumes an increase in M&O Levy over time Aggregate assumes a conservative economic recovery Note: Current Aggregate Tax Rate is $4.12

11 Priority Project Cost Estimates New ConstructionEstimated Cost Middle School #5$38.25 Million ModernizationEstimated Cost Evergreen Forest Elementary$16.4 Million North Thurston High School$52.8 Million Technology Infrastructure$3 Million Pleasant Glade Elementary$17 Million TOTAL $127.45 Million FAC also recognizes the need to fund $3 million annually for emergent needs throughout the entire district. This should be considered a priority in any funding package.



14 Funding Considerations State Assistance Program – Possible Legislative Action Economic Conditions Assessed Valuation Coordination of funding initiatives with other entities Funding Options: Capital Levy, Bond Bond & Levy Timing: Together? Separate? When? Poll our community to gather broad input regarding needs and funding issues Other?

15 Next Steps… Capital Facilities Plan Update – May 2011 Funding options and decisions – TBD Capital Facilities Plan Update Adoption – August 2011 February 2012: NTPS M&O Levy Election

16 Questions ???

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