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Observation Reports Evaluative Writing. J Carr March 2014.

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2 Observation Reports Evaluative Writing. J Carr March 2014

3 Observation Reports Evaluative Writing Evaluative Writing :- The art of recording your “judgements” in a written format. The narrative needs to convey your judgement, must be supported by evidence and it must convince the reader to agree with your judgement.

4 Evaluative Writing  Makes judgements  Contains judgemental words and phrases.  Identifies strengths and weaknesses.  Judgements should be substantiated by qualitative and quantitative evidence.

5 Evaluative Writing Descriptive Writing. It was a great day! Evaluative Writing. The sun shone from early morning, the temperature was about 80 o at midday and the light breeze from the sea made the day very pleasant and enjoyable. or We had a sumptuous lunch at an Italian Restaurant after that we went to the pub and got sozzled on cheap wine. Later on we went to a noisy club and staggered home about 3.00am. What a headache !

6 Evaluative Writing “Persuading the Reader” Evaluative Words. Can carry a positive or negative judgement of competence and can be used by the writer to persuade the reader of their view. e.g. effective ineffective pleasing disappointing strong weak Workshop 1 Albion Rovers vs Airdrie

7 Evaluative Writing Assessors are good evaluators in their own field, they know what a good piece of work looks like but some struggle with evaluative report writing. “David had PPE” SO WHAT ! Where was it ? (in his car boot ) Did he use it. ? Was he safe.? “David used the appropriate PPE consistently throughout the work, ensuring that he was compliant with H&S legislation at all time thus achieving the standard “.

8 Evaluative Writing (only report it if the evidence supports the valuation.) Sometimes things are not what they seem. ! Giorglo Varasi in 1178 wrote this about Gerardo di Gerardo. “ He surveyed the site thoroughly before laying the foundation stones for the bell tower. Gerardo took great care to ensure that the foundations was sound compact and stable. His professionalism and meticulous approach and planning ensured a well constructed bell tower that will stand the test of time.”

9 Evaluative Writing

10 New Product Launch Peter Primrose Qualifications Officer

11  Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment  Level 2 & 3 NVQ Diploma in Construction Plant or Machinery Maintenance  Level 4 & 5 Diploma in Controlling Lifting Operations – Supervising/Planning Lifts  Level 6 Diploma in Construction Site Management


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