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Introduction to Hospital Housekeeping

2 What is Housekeeping Services?
The main objective is to keep the hospital clean, safe and infection – free, yet maintain a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Housekeeping serves all departments and areas of the hospital, minimizing the risk of cross infection. It ensures bacteriological cleanliness and outward cleanliness It is a non-revenue producing service department A poorly run department results in money needlessly spent, creates a negative impression on the patients, visitors and staff, and adversely affects their perception of the quality of care provided by the hospital.

3 Functions & Activities of Department of Housekeeping?
It works closely with other departments in making the hospital a pleasant and safe place for the patients It ensures a good ambience, make sure that the patients are comfortable and the staff has a pleasant environment to work in. To provide cleanliness and interior design that creates a tasteful and pleasant atmosphere. It helps in the efficient functioning of the various sections such as linen, pest control, waste management, garden maintenance, electricity, water supply, carpentry and food distribution.

4 Administrative set-up of the Department of Housekeeping
Administrative set up may vary according to the size of the hospital Housekeeping services may be requested at any time of the day or night.

5 Administrative set-up of the Department of Housekeeping
Executive Housekeeper Chief Housekeeper Assistant Housekeeper Housekeeping Trainees Gardeners Cleaners

6 Role of Housekeepers in each cadres
The executive housekeeper, as head of the department, must coordinate the performance of these functions to develop the most efficient department possible. The executive housekeeper cannot single-handedly discharge all housekeeping functions such as supervision, requisition, scheduling, and budgeting. Completion of each function/job is assured through delegation of authority but she retains full responsibility for the department

7 Dress code for Housekeeping staff
LADIES Hair should be neatly combed into a bun, neatly tied back or cut short No make-up Uniform should be neat & clean No jewellery, except watch and ring or chain that denote wedded status Clean status

8 Dress code for Housekeeping staff
GENTS The hair should be worn short and neatly combed Should be clean shaven Uniform should be neat and clean Clean footwear

9 Objectives of the Department of Housekeeping
To ensure a comfortable and infection-free environment for the patients To create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere Cont……….

10 Objectives of the Department of Housekeeping
To ensure that everything under their supervision is kept neat and clean To train and supervise effectively those who are working with them Cont……….

11 Objectives of the Department of Housekeeping
Establish a good working relationship with all other departments Ensure that all staff is informed of hospital safety and security regulations Cont……….

12 Requisite skills of Housekeepers
Skills are important to work effectively and efficiently Skills required are: Delegation Work Management Time Management People Management Budgeting Creativity Interpersonal Relationship Cont……….

13 Delegation Work should be allocated to other
Housekeepers according to their capabilities. It should be supervised regularly and evaluated periodically. Cont……….

14 Work Management In the department several tasks need to be completed on a particular day. The tasks need to be prioritized, so as to complete the tasks in order of their importance Cont……….

15 Time Management To complete a given work in the stipulated time, the materials required for the task should be kept ready and at hand. Cont……….

16 People Management Working with others is an art
Skill is needed to get the work to be done by others A good and efficient housekeeper must develop good communication skills, and pleasant attitude. Cont……….

17 Budgeting A good housekeeper is to be good at planning and selecting equipment and supplies that are high in quality and moderate in price A well run housekeeping department runs at minimum cost to the institution MAXIMUM UTILIZATION OF MINIMUM RESOURCES Cont……….

18 Creativity Creating a beautiful and pleasant ambience is one of the housekeeping objectives. Housekeeper should have good artistic sense to decorate the area appropriately Cont……….

19 Inter personal Relationship
Building good relationship is essential to develop a good and loyal staff. Watching workers when they are at work is not appreciable. This indicates we do not trust them Checking the work once it is completed is advisable Cont……….

20 Inter personal Relationship
If the work done by the workers is not up to the expected level, call them aside and correct them. (should not criticize or yell at them in front of others) If it is continuing in the same unsatisfactory manner, immediate disciplinary action can be taken Cont……….

21 Inter personal Relationship
Good inter personal relationship can be maintained by taking an interest in their well-being Greet everyone every morning in the department with a smile, and make polite enquiries about their families. Try and help them to sort out their problems with work or inter-personal problems with any other staff member. Being pleasant to people you are working with makes them feel a part of the “organization family” and will result in their giving their best to the organization. Cont……….

22 Evaluation of workers Each staff in the department is to evaluated periodically and regularly This will ensure the continuing efficiency of the staff

23 Evaluation Strategies
Pay individual attention to each staff and supervise the work Observe if the staff completes the work in the stipulated time Help the staff if there is a problem related to the work If needed, plan additional training for the worker and give him on the job training Observe attitude of staff toward other staff in the department



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