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WELCOME TO THE PHHS LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER (LMC) Materials are included under the fair use guidelines of U.S. Copyright Law and are restricted from further.

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2 WELCOME TO THE PHHS LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER (LMC) Materials are included under the fair use guidelines of U.S. Copyright Law and are restricted from further use. GO ROOSTERS and CHICKS 2008-2009 Freshmen Orientation

3 HOURS l OPEN 7:00 l CLOSE 3:00 l Come in before or after school l AR TESTS with Language Arts classes and on your own time. l Special Projects? We can stay open later.

4 Staff Mrs. Gibbins Library Assistant Mrs. Busch Librarian

5 Procedures l Have a pass in your planner, signed and correct time noted l Present the pass to the Mrs. B or Mrs. G when you enter l Have your pass signed before you return to class l Remember to sign in and out l (very important)

6 Expectations l Be kind, considerate and respectful of others l Use good judgment l Use “library voices” l No food or drink in LMC l Stay on task l Follow directions l All school rules apply (cell phones, iPods, etc.)

7 The Media Center provides a variety of resources and services…... l Books l Magazines and newspapers l Internet access l Electronic databases l Word processing l Computer lab l Accelerated Reader support

8 How to Check Out a BOOK or Magazine l Choose a book(s) to check out. You can have ONE AR book at a time, but as many others as you like. l Take to Circulation Desk l Have your student ID ready! l Give your ID to Circ Desk staff l Hand them your book l Be sure it’s stamped with the date before you leave l Fine for most overdue books = 10¢ per day l Return or renew on time Sept 08 08

9 Finding what you need… l PHHS Library website provides links to online databases (You can also access these from home. PHHS Library website l Click on RESEARCH TOOLs for databases InfoCentre (electronic card catalog) allows you to search by keyword, author, title, subject Need help? Ask us! That’s why we’re here

10 InfoCentre Catalog l Find books l Place a hold

11 BOOKS Most books checked out for 2 weeks at a time Fiction Non-fiction SOME Reference books can be checked out.

12 Magazines CURRENT COPIES DO NOT CHECK OUT But other magazines can be checked out overnight. Return them before 24 hours is up or the charge is 20¢ PER HOUR OUCH!!!!! C. Time Magazine, Missouri Conservationist, Seventeen

13 NEWSPAPERS l Kansas City Star l USA Today l Wall Street Journal l Pleasant Hill Times l Cass County Democrat Read these in the library. They cannot be checked out.

14 Quick Review How to locate books using the Dewey Decimal System

15 NON FICTION l NON FICTION = NOT made up l TRUE or FACTUAL l DEWEY DECIMAL NUMBERS on shelf l Author’s last name on second line

16 REFERENCE l Look for R or REF in call number l ALWAYS NON FICTION!

17 FICTION FICTION = MADE UP (not true) STORIES Look for F or FIC in the call number First 3 letters of AUTHOR’S LAST NAME


19 Using the Internet l All internet use must be school related l Use library databases first…they are more efficient and reliable than Googling l Do not share your 9 digit password (ID number) with anyone l You are responsible for all activity that occurs under your ID number

20 Missouri University Library Research Guide “ Despite its wonderful features, Google must not be used exclusively—Google freely admits the 50% of its searches come back with no appropriate results. Not everything is available on the surface web. This has to do with money and/or copyright. If you need scholarly information from reputable sources, you should use the high-quality electronic and print resources in the library.” Bhullar, Goodie, et al. Library Research. Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Columbia, 2005.

21 PRINTING l Please do NOT print articles without previewing first l Select the correct printer! Don’t assume that will magically appear where you think it should l Library1, LMC_Lab1 or LMC_lab2

22 AR l Over 2,000 tests l An updated AR list is available on the LMC Webpage… SOON l Look for PINK DOTS l Be sure the books are on the HIGH SCHOOL LIST l 1 AR book at a time

23 Accelerated Reader l Find a book you LIKE Read the ENTIRE book. l Remember your password? l Need a monitor password to log in l 2 TEST limit per day l Don’t wait till the last minute!!! l No repeats on tests

24 GATEWAY Teen Readers Award Look for Gateway Stickers Read at least 3 to vote. When you finish, tell Mrs. Busch so you will get a sticker on the Readers’ Wall Voting in March with a special celebration for participants

25 Word Processing l Microsoft OFFICE: Word Publisher Power Point Excel l Have a pass from a teacher

26 Computer Lab Reserved for classes NO food or drink. Put backpacks, books, etc on the shelves in the back. Observe the AUP. Do not I.M. or play games

27 BASICS Find a book that YOU like Keep for 2 WEEKS 10 ¢ per day c harged for overdue materials RENEW if you need more time YOUR responsibility to return materials on time. Always sign in and out when you aren’t with a class Respect the rights of others to a QUIET environment

28 Works Cited “Ebsco Publishing Screen.” [Online image] 09 July 2001 “Monkey typing.” [Online image] 28 June 2001. 09 July 2001. “Rooster.” [Online sound] 09 July 2001. Http:// soundeffects.asp> Sullivan, Margaret. RSHS Library Orientation.07 Aug 2007. 23 June 2008.h ttp:// arial/index.html Wisla, Corey. “Computer.” [Online image] 09 July 2001.

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