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2011-2012 School Year Meet the Teacher Night Principal: Trael Kelly.

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1 2011-2012 School Year Meet the Teacher Night Principal: Trael Kelly

2 Home of the Panthers

3 AGENDA: Welcome Introductions School Vision/Mission/Pride Pledge Purpose of Meet the Teacher Night Information Packets – 1 st Day Website - information General School Information YMCA before/after Care Data – Building Accountability

4 Welcome Safe environment High expectations – “Reaching for Personal Excellence at every opportunity” Positive home/school partnerships Strong Classroom Teachers Frequent student progress monitoring Continued Character Education

5 Introductions PrincipalMr. Trael Kelly SecretaryMrs. Kathy Springman Office AssistantLisa Anderson CounselorScott Meek Clinic Assistant Kathy Merideth

6 Important Phone Numbers/Emails Pleasant Grove Elementary887-8525 PGES Fax 885-4605 Attendance Line 887-4702 Option 3 before 10:00 am Principal – Trael Kelly Secretary – Kathy Springman Office Assistant – Lisa Anderson Counselor – Scott Meek Clinic Assistant – Cathy Meredith

7 School Vision “Reaching for Personal Excellence at every opportunity” Mission: Pleasant Grove Elementary provides educational experiences to create the foundation for a successful future in our society. Students are prepared for productive lives as responsible and respectful citizens.

8 Pride Pledge I am a member of the Pleasant Grove Family. I pledge to give my personal best every day so I can be a good citizen. I am responsible for everything I do. I will be fair and honest. I will respect school property. I will be a good friend and not put down others. I will take pride in my school and community.

9 Purpose of Tonight: To meet your student’s classroom teacher. To seek answers to questions you have as a parent. Reinforce the importance of school to the students. To gather information on the upcoming school year.

10 Information Packets School Hours 8:40 Breakfast program begins – Parent Drop off opens 8:45 Bell rings. 9:00 Students are tardy after 9:00 a.m. Students must report to the main office. 3:45 Bus dismissal

11 Specials  5 Day Rotation (Art, Library, Music, PE, Tech Lab)  50 minute classes, (40 Minutes on Early Release)  Check the Pleasant Grove website for the school calendar and the Day of Rotation.

12 Attendance Procedures Illness – Call the Attendance Hotline 887-4702 Opt. 3 Tardy – A student must walk to the office if they arrive after 9:00 a.m. Release of students during the day- Send a note to the office with the time and name of person who will pick up your child. Please confirm this note with a contact phone number. Your student must be signed out by the parent/guardian in the main office. Please inform the office of any transportation changes prior to 3:00 p.m. All parents entering the building must first report to the main office.

13 Last Minute Arrangements Our office staff will make every attempt to accommodate our families with last minute changes of transportation, after school plans, forgotten lunches or projects. We cannot guarantee such communications to always be successful, so please be patient and understanding.

14 Visitors All visitors must register in the office immediately upon entering the building and sign out upon leaving. All volunteers must complete a background check through the main office prior to helping out. All visitors are expected to wear a nametag in the building. Classroom visits should be arranged with the teacher prior to the visit. If a parent would like to have lunch with his/her child and would like to order a lunch, they can order an adult lunch by calling the front office. Please remember to sign in at the front office.

15 Dress Code Students are expected to wear safe, school-appropriate clothing at all times. Children who wear inappropriate clothing to school will be asked to phone home for appropriate attire. Ball caps or hats may not be worn inside the school. Heelys, shoes with wheels, are not allowed. To help prevent foot and ankle injuries, children must also wear appropriate shoes on the playground and to Physical Education class (i.e., tennis shoes). Flip-flop sandals or high-heel shoes are NOT appropriate shoes for school, unless special arrangements are made.

16 Dress Code In addition, any form of dress or hairstyle which detracts from the learning environment of our school will not be permitted. This includes: Apparel advertising alcoholic beverages or with other obscene or questionable printing; Very short shorts and skirts (We use the “fingertip rule” as our guide. When standing with hands to his/her side and shoulders down, the child should be touching material and NOT skin.) Thin-strapped tops, bare-midriff tops, or tank top jerseys with large arm holes.

17 Transportation ONLY school buses may use the front drive during the usual arrival and dismissal times. After buses arrive, students will be dismissed from the buses at 9:00 and proceed to their classrooms.

18 YMCA – Before/After Care Packets outside the office Contact the Baxter YMCA Rob Thompson – 887-8788 ext. 12

19 Accountability As a school, we at Pleasant Grove are trying to eliminate gaps in accountability. For years, schools have not communicated or explained the information/data of student performance with the students or parents. This will change! Everyone will stay informed.

20 Data Binders Students will maintain data binders of assessments taken at the beginning/middle/end of the school year. Things to Look for/at: Baseline Data – your students starting place Class Average – how does your student compare Student Score Average Gain PGES Norms

21 Academic Achievement “Research shows that a student’s academic ability is directly proportional to their independent reading level” You need to know the term RCBM or WPM (words per minute). This means – how many words per minute your student can read correctly ON grade level. The grade levels may share different information, but it is important to stayed informed of what the data means.

22 Additional Information Pleasant Grove Cares – PBIS Skyward information Attendance expectations Drop Off/ Dismissal Use the Website – resources/information Philanthropy Fundraisers Background Checks PTO – no fee to join – just need bodies

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