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Cardenden Eco Town Andy Liddell Technical Manager Banks Developments.

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1 Cardenden Eco Town Andy Liddell Technical Manager Banks Developments

2 Masterplan Vision Community Ownership and Regeneration Sustainable Housing Employment Opportunities Renewable Energy Enhanced Transport Links Improved Local Amenities

3 Regeneration 5000 homes over 20-25 years Phased New Community Facilities Low Energy - High Efficiency New Housing Stronger Infrastructure Enhanced Main Street and Create Green Corridors

4 Sustainable Housing Sustainable Building Materials High Thermal Efficiency - Low Energy Demands Local Energy Solutions Locally Sourced Materials Where Possible Waste Management Strategies Home Owner Packs Connectivity

5 Renewable Energy Macro and Micro Community Wind Turbines Geo Thermal Energy Community Heat and Power; Biomass, Waste 2 Energy Hydro Power Solar Power

6 Enhanced Access Links Rail Bus Walking Cycle

7 Understanding Existing Employment Post Office Library Primary Schools Swimming Pool Police Station Resource Centre Retail Shops

8 Providing New Employment Opportunities Partnership with Adam Smith College Building Trades New Energy Technologies Community Ownership

9 Local Amenities New Central Park Feature Leisure Centre, Cafes and Garden Centres Multi Surface Football Pitches and Racquet Areas Enhanced footpath links and connectivity

10 Conclusion This Sustainable Community will be an exemplar of sustainable living Cardenden is deliverable Our aim is to create a safe, pleasant and environmentally friendly community where people want to live and raise their families

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