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DISC personality analysis DISC profile since 1928 by Moulten-Marsten

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1 DISC personality analysis DISC profile since 1928 by Moulten-Marsten
Who are you? For yourself and for your environment Jan Bollen /

2 Analyse behaviour ?!? Discover behavioural strengths.
Recognize weakness. Recognize stimulus. Learn how behaviour impacts on work effectiveness. Recognize and value behavioural differences in others and improve team dynamic. Insight and approach when dealing with communication challenges. Enhance individual performance and contribution to a team. Reduce conflicts and stress.

3 Types of persons Dominance Influence
(problem orientated) (people orientated) Compliance Steadiness (procedure orientated) (process orientated)

4 Behaviour matrix

5 Dominance / Driver

6 Dominance / Driver More WHAT questions than HOW
High D individuals may be described as: Risk, Decisive, Self-critical, Self assured, Willing to learn, Competitive, Self steering, Reasonable, Adventurous. Litigation = process control

7 Communicating with D

8 Dominance / Driver Will improve by: slow patience display sensitivity
get into the details allow deliberation

9 Influence / Inspiring

10 Influence/ Inspiring More WHO questions than WHY
High I individuals may be described as: Enthusiastic, Trusting, Emotional, Impulsive, Pleasant, Group person, Self-promoting, Influential, Sociable.

11 Communicating with I

12 Influence/ Inspiring Will improve by: follow-through completely
research all the facts speak directly and candidly stay focused for long periods

13 Steadiness / Stable

14 Steadiness / Stable More HOW questions than WHAT
High S individuals may be described as: Patient, Team-person, Passive, Possessive, Relaxed, Loyal, Predictable, Serene, Inactive.

15 Communicating with S

16 Steadiness / Stable Will improve by:
quickly adapt to change or unclear expectations Multitask promote themselves confront others

17 Compliance / Correct

18 Compliance / Correct More WHY questions than WHO
High C individuals may be described as: Perfectionist, Fact-finder, Systematic, Correct, Calm, Accurate, Diplomatic, Conventional.

19 Communicating with C

20 Compliance / Correct Will improve by: let go of and delegate tasks
compromise for the good of the team join in social events and celebrations make quick decisions

21 Competences

22 Strengths Overused can Become Weaknesses
D who is good at leadership and deciding, may become arrogant. I who is good at promoting and convincing, may oversell and manipulate. S who is steady and agreeable, may become underperforming and shy. C who is good at analyzing and checking, may become perfectionistic and indecisive.

23 Today’s Assignment Go the website
Make the test Copy the results into a Word document on 2 pages Page 1; results in figure Page 2; result in text Add your name and student number Add page 3 self reflection Page 3: write your comment on the result (maximum 1A4) Hand in TOMORROW a hard copy of your DISC profile to your mentor post box

24 Page 1 Result in figure

25 Page 2 Result in words Your DISC personality type
You have a strong inner motivation to influence people and circumstances. You thrive on competitive situations and challenging assignments. The stresses and pressures of everyday work and life are unlikely to reduce your effectiveness and enthusiasm.

26 Page 3 Reflection Your DISC personality type
Write your own opinion about your results. Think about that the measurement is at this time You can change Write also what you want to improve in your behavior Maximum 1A4

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