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Follow the Samples Act Out Put in Use Data Bank Unit 8 Farewell

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1 Follow the Samples Act Out Put in Use Data Bank Unit 8 Farewell
Talking Face to Face Follow the Samples Act Out Put in Use Data Bank

2 Follow the Samples Sample One Sample Two

3 Sample 1 Seeing Mr. Lowenberg Off at the Station
L = Mr. Lowenberg Z = Zhang L: Thanks a lot for seeing me off at the station.   Z: You are welcome. Did you enjoy your stay here?   L: Well, I must say my stay in China has been very enjoyable and productive.   Z: I’m pleased to hear that.

4 Sample 1 L: I’m sure we’ll cooperate well and do more business to our mutual benefit in future.   Z: The feeling is mutual.   L: Thanks again for everything. Oh, I must be running now. Goodbye.   Z: Goodbye, Mr. Lowenberg. Hope to see you again.

5 Sample 2 Saying Goodbye to Mr. Smith at the Hotel
Y = Mr. Yang S = Mr. Smith Y: Good evening, Mr. Smith.   S: Good evening, Mr. Yang.   Y: Are you leaving tomorrow morning? Can’t you stay a little longer?  

6 Sample 2 S: I’m afraid not. The arrangements have been made. Your help has made my stay here pleasant and successful. Thank you very much.   Y: It’s my pleasure. We hope you’ll visit China again.   S: Surely I will.   Y: Well, wish you good luck and a pleasant journey, Mr. Smith.   S: Thanks. Goodbye.   Y: Bye.

7 Act Out Task One Task Two Task Three Task Four Task Five

8 Task One A: Good evening, Mr. Smith. I’m going back home tomorrow.
B: Oh, I’m sorry to see you go. I hope you’ll come back again.   A: Surely. Thank you for your warm reception and hospitality. B: You are welcome. I wish you a pleasant journey. A: Thank you. Goodbye. B: Goodbye.  Task: Your American friend Mike has studied in your college for 3 years and he is going back to the US tomorrow. Say goodbye to him.

9 Task Two A: Have you got everything ready for the trip?
B: Yes. Thank you for your kindness.   A: I’d like to see you off at the airport.   B: It’s very nice of you. But I think I can manage everything myself. Thank you all the same.   A: In that case, I’d have to say goodbye now. Wish you a pleasant journey.   B: Thank you. I’ll keep in touch with you. Bye-bye!    Task: One of your British teachers is going to take a long trip during his holidays. You’d like to see him off at the railway station.

10 Task Three A: It’s very kind of you to see me off, Mr. Huang.
B: My pleasure, Mr. Swanson. I’m sorry you’re unable to stay in Guangzhou a little longer.   A: I feel sorry, too. Thank you for your hospitality.   B: It’s my pleasure. What’s your flight number?   A: Flight No.108, Orient Airline. Oh, they’re announcing my flight. I must go now.   B: Goodbye. Have a good flight.   A: Goodbye, Mr. Huang. I’ll contact you again.   Task: You are seeing off a foreign friend of yours at the airport.

11 Task Four A: Mr. Zhang, thank you for your kindness during my stay here.   B: You are welcome. Mr. Howard, how did you enjoy your stay?   A: Well, I must say I had a very good time.   B: I’m pleased to hear that.   A: Oh, it’s time for me to check in. I’m afraid I have to say goodbye to you now.   B: Goodbye, Mr. Howard. Have a nice trip.   A: Thanks again for all that you’ve done for me. Bye.   Task: Your business trip is over. You are at the airport waiting for your flight. Say goodbye to a foreign business friend who has given you a lot of help during your stay there.

12 Task Five A: How time flies! You’ve been in China for over a year.
B: It’s time for me to go back home, you know. Before I leave, I’d like to thank you for all you’ve done for me.   A: Thank you. But it’s your efforts that have made your stay so fruitful.   B: It’s been a really unforgettable experience. I’ll miss you. I hope we’ll meet again someday in the future.   A: I hope so. We’ll keep in touch.    Task: Express your thanks to your business partner for all he has done for you.

13 Put in Use Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3

14 Exercise 1 Imagine you have finished your exchange study program abroad. You come to say goodbye to your teacher Dr. Grey. Complete the following conversation with your partner by filling in the blanks.   You: Good morning, Dr. Grey.   Dr. Grey: Hi, Xiong. 1 ______ a seat, please.   You: Thank you, Dr. Grey. My studies here under the exchange program are completed now, so I’ll be 2 __________ to China very soon.  Take returning

15 Exercise 1   Dr. Grey: Oh, what a 3 _____. I really wish you could 4 _________ your work here. I hope you’ll 5 _____________ with me and let me know how your research program is going. You: I am sure I will. You’ve been very 6 _______ to me these years.   Dr. Grey: It’s been my 7 _________. By the way, when are you 8 ________?    pity continue keep in touch helpful pleasure leaving

16 Exercise 1 You: My departure is 9 _________ for next Friday. schedule
Dr. Grey: Oh, I see. 10 ___________ coming back to my office next Tuesday morning? I’m hoping I can find some materials for you.   You: Oh, That’s 11 __________! Sure, I’ll come. Thank you very much, Dr. Grey. schedule How about wonderful

17 Exercise 2 Prof. = Professor Williams
Imagine you are Yangli. You are going to study in Canada. Say goodbye to Professor Williams who is now working in China. Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese version provided. Prof. = Professor Williams You: 1 _________________________________________ ________. (威廉姆斯教授, 我来向您告别。)   Prof.: What! Do you mean you are going away? Where are you going?   You: 2 ___________________________. (我要去加拿大 学习。)   Prof.: Really? When will you leave?   Professor Williams , I’ve come to say goodbye to you I’m going to study in Canada

18 Exercise 2 I’m leaving next Monday and I’ve booked the ticket
You: 3 ______________________________________ __________. (我下周一动身,票已经订好了。)   Prof.: How long will you stay there?   You: 4 _______________. (大概两年。)   Prof.: Oh, yes. I have some friends there. I’ll introduce you to them. They may give you some help.   You: 5 _________________________________. (那太好 了。谢谢。)   Prof.: Have a pleasant trip and wish you success in your study.   book the ticket About two years   That would be wonderful. Thank you

19 Exercise 3 Imagine you are Lin. Your friend, Mr. Allison, is leaving for home after a trip to China. He invites you to dinner in a restaurant. Play your role according to the clues given in the brackets.   Lin: 1 (打招呼。) It’s very kind of you to invite me to dinner tonight.   Allison: Good evening. Sit down, please.   Lin: Thanks. So you are leaving tomorrow, Mr. Allison?   Allison: Yes. Lin: 2 (表示遗憾。) Allison: Well, life is just like that.     Good evening, Mr. Alison. It’s a pity you are leaving soon.

20 Exercise 3 Lin: 3 (表示我们会想念他。) We’ll miss you after you leave.
Allison: I wish I could stay a few days longer with you.   Lin: 4 (希望他再来中国。) Allison: I’m sure I will. Oh, here’s a small gift for you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me during my stay here.   We’ll miss you after you leave.   I hope you’ll come to China again.  

21 Exercise 3 Lin: It’s very kind of you to say so. 5 (希望他喜欢中国之行。)
Allison: Oh, yes. It was excellent. I visited different places, which has helped me to get to know a lot more about China and Chinese people. I can see your country is growing fast. I’m sure I’ll come back some day in the near future.   Lin: That’s also what I’m expecting (表示为双方的健康和友谊而干杯!) Allison: Cheers! I hope you enjoyed your trip to China.   Now, to our health and friendship. Cheers!  

22 Data Bank I’ve come to say goodbye, as I’m leaving for Canada tomorrow.   明天我要去加拿大,来向您辞行。   Really? Couldn’t I persuade you to stay a couple of days more?   真的吗?能否请您再多留些日子?   Much as I wish to, I really can’t.   我也很想再多住些日子,但确实不行。   We’ll be very sorry to see you go.   看到您要走了,我们十分难过。  

23 Data Bank Could you stay a little longer? 您不能再多留几天吗?
您不能再多留几天吗?   I really wish I could stay here a few days longer.   我真地很想再多呆几天。   By the way, what time are you setting off?   顺便问一下,您什么时候动身?   I’m catching the 9:30 plane.   我乘9:30的飞机。  

24 Data Bank Then please have your luggage ready. 请把行李准备好。
请把行李准备好。   Our car will take you to the airport at 7:30.   我们7:30开车送您去机场。   Thank you. See you then.   谢谢!到时候见。   It’s very kind of you to come and see me off.   您来送我,真是太好了。   Thank you very much for coming to see me off.   十分感谢您来送我!

25 Data Bank Not at all, it’s the least we could do. 别客气,这是我们应该做的。
别客气,这是我们应该做的。   Have you checked in yet?   您检票了吗?   Please convey our best regards to our old friends there.   请转达我们对老朋友的问候。   Sure. I hope we may welcome you in our country some day in the future.   一定。希望将来有一天在我们国家能迎接您。

26 Data Bank Thank you for all the trouble you’ve taken. 谢谢您费心了。
谢谢您费心了。   My pleasure.   别客气。   Don’t forget to write / phone / me.   请别忘了给我写信/打电话/发电子邮件。   No, I won’t. Goodbye.   不会忘记的, 再见!

27 Data Bank Cheerio, Ann, and do keep in touch. 再见,安, 一定保持联系呀。
再见,安, 一定保持联系呀。   Yes, I will, Mary. Cheerio.   一定, 玛丽,再见!   Goodbye and good luck!   再见了,祝您好运。   Hope you’ll have a pleasant trip!   祝您旅途愉快!  

28 Data Bank I wish you a very pleasant journey home. 祝您回国一路顺风。
祝您回国一路顺风。   Wish you a pleasant journey.   祝您旅途愉快!   Wish you a safe trip home.   祝您安全抵达家乡!   Have a nice trip.   旅途愉快!   Take care!   一路保重!

29 The End Thank you!

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