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Golden Horseshoe Review 4 Hosted Hollywood Squares Peter Marshall.

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2 Golden Horseshoe Review 4

3 Hosted Hollywood Squares Peter Marshall

4 Gold metal winner in the shot put from St. Albans Randy Barnes

5 Notre Dame football coach from Follansbee Lou Holtz

6 Brought up by his grandmother in McMechen, WV, murdered actress Sharon Tate Charles Manson

7 Tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford Sara Jane Moore

8 Youngest and oldest Governor Cecil Underwood

9 Location of the first land battle of the Civil War Phillippi

10 Worst mine disaster in U.S. history, 361 died Monongah, Marion County

11 On New Years Day, he died of heart failure, in the back of his limo, at Oak Hill Hank Williams

12 700 workers died of silicosis after helping bore this tunnel Hawks Nest

13 44 people died when this bridge gave way Dec. 15, 1967 Silver Bridge, Pt. Pleasant

14 Location of the State Fair Lewisburg (Fairlee)

15 Location of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory Green Bank

16 World’s longest steel arch bridge New River Gorge

17 Location of the PRT, Personal Rapid Transit WVU, Morgantown

18 Five star rated hotel at White Sulfur Springs The Greenbrier

19 Location of First bridge built over the Ohio, first suspension bridge of its kind Wheeling

20 Director of the Wheeling Symphony Rachael Worby

21 The most important function of this office is to oversee elections Secretary of State

22 The States legal officer Attorney General

23 State bookkeeper, checks state records for accuracy Auditor

24 Largest river in WV during the Ice Age Teays

25 Location of Pinnacle Rock Mercer County

26 Cultural group that built Gravecreek Mound Adena

27 Birthplace of Stonewall Jackson Clarksburg

28 Erected the first commercial salt works in Kanawha Valley Elisha Brooks

29 Founder of Bethany College Alexander Campbell

30 Number of Congressional Districts three

31 Location of Tunnelton Preston County

32 Only River Drainage Basin to drain east Potomac

33 Designed the State Capitol Cass Gilbert

34 Area of state with least unemployment Eastern Panhandle

35 Area of state with the most unemployment Southern

36 Number of different people to serve as Governor 32

37 Governor to serve the greatest number of years Arch Moore

38 Youngest Governor Cecil Underwood

39 Where Chief Cornstalk was killed Fort Randolph, Pt. Pleasant

40 Best known for his contributions in education Booker T. Washington

41 Location of Organ Cave Greenbrier County

42 He did not attend the peace conference after the Battle of Pt. Pleasant Chief Logan

43 Where most Europeans settled in WV first Eastern Panhandle

44 Region location of the Allegheny Front Allegheny Highlands

45 Region location of the major glass industry Ohio River Valley

46 Region location of farming and orchards Potomac Section

47 Region location of the FBI fingerprinting facility Allegheny Plateau (Clarksburg)

48 Location of the only natural lake Hardy County Potomac Section

49 Region with the most coal reserves Allegheny Plateau

50 North flowing river Monongahela

51 This event in Harper’s Ferry led to the Civil War John Brown’s Raid

52 “Montani Semper Liberi” Mountaineers Are Always Free

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