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Using Fathom TM and Real Life Data “It’s the real thing.” Maureen Fahey Rocky Hill School

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1 Using Fathom TM and Real Life Data “It’s the real thing.” Maureen Fahey Rocky Hill School

2 Using Fathom TM Easy to use Menu driven Similar to Sketchpad Can do simple calculations and graphing to sophisticated statistical calculations

3 Enter data in Fathom TM Data is entered in a table Cases Attributes

4 Pumpkin Weigh-Off 1 st Thad Starr, Pleasant Hill OR 1,524 lbs. 2 nd Joel Holland, Puyallup WA 1,384 lbs. 3 rd Jim Sherwood, Mulino OR 1,343 lbs. 4 th Leonardo Urena, Napa CA 1,292 lbs. 5 th Steve Daletas, Pleasant Hill OR 1,203 lbs. 6 th Pete Glasier, Napa CA 1,158 lbs. 7 th Cindi Glasier, Napa CA 1,116 lbs. 8 th Pam Vanderschoot, Napa CA 1,094 lbs. 9 th A & V Zunino, Los Altos Hills CA 1,069 lbs. 10 th Lee Hudson, Napa CA 1,059 lbs

5 Graphs made easilyeasily

6 Calculations Made EasyEasy

7 Enter data into Fathom TM from other sources INTERNET Files EXCEL Text files with tabs

8 Data From the Internet IMPORT

9 Add From a File (must use tabs) PlanetDiameterDistanceRevolutionPosition Mercury 303036881 Venus752067224.72 Earth792693365.33 Mars42171426874 Jupiter888384844331.85 Saturn74896887107606 Uranus317621765306847 Neptune 30774279160188.3 8 Pluto1428365490466.8 9

10 Add Cases

11 Add From Excel Spreadsheet Add Cases Add Cases PollsterDatesN/PopGiulianiHuckabeeMcCainPaulRomneyThompson ARG 10/9-12/07600 LV2461421516 Fox 10/9-10/07337 RV2951221116 Gallup 10/4-7/07409 A327162920 InsiderAdva ntage 10/4-7/07844 LV2561351016 AP-Ipsos 10/1-3/07358 A25712-922 ABC/Post 9/27-30/07398 A307123915 NBC/WSJ 9/28-30/07606 LV3041521023 AP-Ipsos 9/21-25/07420 A21717-1017 Fabrizio- McLaughlin9/21-23/071000 RV23312-1018 Cook/RT 9/13-16/07340 RV274153818 Gallup 9/14-16/07408 A2731836 Pew 9/12-16/07467 RV324151921 Zogby 9/13-16/07LV273132724 Harris 9/6-14/07504 LV283113932 AP-Ipsos 9/10-12/07358 RV24515-719


13 Generate Your Own Data

14 Linear Regression Made Easy

15 More Regression Tools Residual Plots, Moveable Line, Show Squares

16 Nonlinear Regression with Sliders

17 How to Read the Unreadable Graph

18 Fathom Lets Students Explore

19 Some data sources on the Internet Science Astronomy Animals Movies Oscars Financial information Specific movies google or Specific actors or actresses google name

20 More Sources Sports Olympics Example of lesson plan Build your own data base or have students do it Sport Sites Specific teams

21 More Sources Education SAT and percent taking by state School crime Graduation rates from college by income and race Fathom has census data included with software Statistics sites Statistic Textbooks

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