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Feeding a Resident Health Science Technology Nursing J. Hodge, RN.

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1 Feeding a Resident Health Science Technology Nursing J. Hodge, RN

2 Good Nutrition Important part of a resident’s Rx. Make mealtimes pleasant Time for social interactions Allows time to eat with others Eat alone? = poor appetite LTC-Long term care facilities- encourage eating in dining room

3 Resident confined to bed Bedridden? Sit down in CHAIR (Not the Bed!) to feed the resident TALK to the resident! Eat/Feed resident while food is hot; as soon as it arrives to floor

4 Make mealtimes pleasant Offer bedpan or urinal or assist to BR before meals Clear room of offensive odors Allow resident to wash hands Provide oral hygiene, if desired Position resident comfortably in upright position

5 Make it pleasant Clear overbed and position it for tray Remove emesis basin or bed pan from view Place these objects in bedside table. If meals are delayed because of procedures/tests, explain this to resident!

6 Responsibilities Check the tray carefully against resident’s name and room #. Check diet type as ordered Never add any food or condiment to tray with checking with manager.

7 Rehab Allow resident to feed self whenever possible. Assist by cutting meat, buttering bread, adding condiments on tray, opening beverages, etc. Use bib/towel to protect clothes.

8 Blind Resident? Visually impaired? Instruct resident what food is on tray by comparing to a clock. Meat is at 12, beans @ 3, potatoes @ 6, etc. Make sure all food/utensils are placed conveniently.

9 Before Feeding Resident! Check hot foods for temperature! How would we do that? Test by dropping sm. amt. on wrist. NEVER BLOW on food to COOL it!

10 Points to Observe Alternate food by giving sips of liquids between solid foods. Use straws for liqs. They will drink more! Diff. straw for each liquid! Hold spoon @ right angle-feed from tip of spoon.

11 Observations Dysphagia? No STRAWS! Difficulty swallowing-Use product called Thick-It This allows liquids to solidify slightly and make liqs easier to swallow. Per MD or Dietitian orders!!!!!

12 Observations Encourage resident to eat! Provide a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere! Give resident sufficient time to chew food. Offer liquids and alternate with dessert if resident does not want to eat!

13 Recording/Documentation Observe how much the resident ate and record on nutritional record. What if the resident does not like certain foods? Ask for substitute foods.

14 Record Intake and Output Intakes must be recorded per MD’s orders-anything taken in body as intake-oral, IV, etc. Outputs must be recorded @ times per orders-anything removed from body-urine, feces, emesis!

15 CHOKING! Be alert for signs of choking! Feed small quantities to prevent choking. Allow time to chew. Provide liquids to keep mouth moist.

16 CVA If resident has had stroke, one side of mouth may be affected. As you feed resident, direct food toward unaffected side. Watch throat for swallowing. Watch for lodged food=choking. Be prepared for Heimlich maneuver.

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