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Westmoreland County Transit Authority Hop on! We’re headed your way!

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1 Westmoreland County Transit Authority Hop on! We’re headed your way!

2 History and General Information What is WCTA?

3 Westmoreland Transit has been providing fixed-route bus service in Westmoreland County since 1978. Services are provided by private companies under contract with Westmoreland Transit. Westmoreland Transit operates a total of 17 weekday and 5 Saturday routes.

4 Westmoreland Transit operates a fleet of 35 buses ranging in size from small 28-passenger buses to 49- passenger deluxe coaches.

5 Service is provided to the following communities: Westmoreland County Boroughs Avonmore Manor Delmont New Florence Derry Mt. Pleasant East Vandergrift Scottdale Export Seward Irwin Vandergrift Ligonier Youngwood New Stanton

6 Service is provided to the following communities: Townships Allegheny St. Clair Bell Sewickley Derry Unity Hempfield Washington Ligonier Mt. Pleasant North Huntingdon Penn

7 Service is provided to the following communities: Cities Arnold Lower Burrell Greensburg New Kensington Jeannette Latrobe Municipality Murrysville

8 Service is provided to the following communities: Service is also provided to eastern Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh, as well as to Cambria County.

9 Westmoreland Transit Routes What types of bus routes does Westmoreland Transit provide?

10 Commuter Routes Two types Pittsburgh Commuter Local Commuter Designed to meet demands of passengers traveling to and from work Typically operate in the morning and afternoon only Utilize Park and Ride lots Travel a direct path or busway making as few stops as possible

11 Commuter Routes Pittsburgh Commuter Routes Route 1F- Greensburg- Pittsburgh Flyer Route 2F- Latrobe- Pittsburgh Flyer Route 3F- Mt. Pleasant- Pittsburgh Flyer Local Commuter Routes Route 18F- Irwin- Greensburg Flyer Route 20F- East Flyer

12 Main Routes Travel throughout the day along main roads and highways Designed to connect different parts of the county Meet at the Transit Center for timed transfers Serve major shopping centers and points of interest along major roadways

13 Main Routes Route 4- Greensburg- Pittsburgh Route 5- Greensburg- Jeannette Route 6- Greensburg- Irwin- Herminie Route 8- Greensburg- Youngwood- New Stanton Route 9- Greensburg- Derry Route 12- Greensburg- New Kensington Route 14- Local New Kensington Route 14J- New Kensington-PSU- Pittsburgh Mills Route 16- Greensburg- Mt. Pleasant

14 Feeder Routes Designed to “feed into” main routes at an outlying transfer point Generally use smaller buses and travel within local communities Provide local service to residents of more rural communities

15 Feeder Routes Route 11- Johnstown- Latrobe Route 15- Avonmore- New Kensington Route 17- Local Scottdale

16 Saturday Routes Operate only on Saturdays Designed to provide primarily leisure service along major roadways Meet at the Transit Center for timed transfers

17 Saturday Routes Route 4S- Greensburg- Pittsburgh Route 5S- Greensburg- Jeannette Route 9S- Greensburg- Derry Route 14S- Local New Kensington Route 16S- Greensburg- Scottdale

18 How much does it cost to ride?

19 Fares: – Base fare is $1.50 (one zone) – Additional zone charge is $1.50 – Fares and zones are route-specific Listed on each printed schedule

20 How can I save money?

21 Purchase a Monthly Pass – Offered at a 20% discount – Can be purchased from the 15 th of the preceding month through the 5 th of the month of use – Valid for unlimited trips for a calendar month Purchase a 10-Trip Pass – Punch ticket- trip punched each time you ride – No expiration date – Offered at a 10% discount

22 How can I save money? Commuter Choice Program – Tax-free incentive – Options: Cost of passes is set up as a pre-tax benefit –Employee pays no Federal or Social Security taxes on the amount deducted Employers can pay any percentage of the cost of a pass, including providing them for free – Companies can set up a Commuter Choice account by calling 724-832-2705

23 Where can I buy passes? Greensburg Transit Center – Passes can be purchased in person with cash, check or credit card. – Charge by phone – Mail order- forms on buses and at Transit Center Online – Go to the link on the website,

24 Where can I buy passes? Port Authority Service Center – 534 Smithfield Street, downtown Pittsburgh Giant Eagle Supermarkets – Mountain Laurel Plaza – Eastgate Plaza – Hempfield Square – North Huntingdon Square – Murrysville – New Kensington

25 How can I get transit information?

26 Call the transit center at 1-800-221-9282 – Choose menu option 2 for schedule information – Transit center is staffed: Monday through Friday5:30 am- 8:30 pm Saturday8:30 am- 4:30 pm Visit our website at

27 What else should I know about riding the bus?

28 Always pay your fare as you board the bus – Have exact change Westmoreland Transit operates on a flag stop system – You do not need to be at a bus stop sign – You can board anywhere along the route provided it is a safe stop – Request an orange “Bus Hailer” from the driver or the Transit Center

29 What else should I know about riding the bus? When the bus is approaching your stop, use the pull cord or button above you to signal a “Stop Request” to the driver. No food or beverage is permitted on the bus

30 What other services does Westmoreland Transit provide?

31 Special Services Senior Free Transit Program – Made possible by funding through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. – Offers free transportation for senior citizens ages 65 and over. – Senior Transit ID Cards are available at the Transit Center with proof of age.

32 Special Services Reduced Fare Transit Program – Enables persons with disabilities to ride a fixed- route bus for one-half of the regular fare. – Applications can be obtained at the Transit Center, and require verification by a health care provider. (Exception: persons possessing a Medicare card automatically qualify).

33 Special Services Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP) – Administered by Westmoreland Transit for Westmoreland County. – Funded by Department of Public Welfare – Provides transportation to medical appointments for Westmoreland County residents who receive medical assistance. – Eligible individuals must register for the program and call to schedule trips. – Register by calling 724-832-2706 or toll free 1-800- 242-2706.

34 Special Services Americans With Disabilities (ADA) Complementary Paratransit Program – Provides service to individuals whose disability prevents them from using a fixed-route bus. – Provided by taxi and “mirrors” public bus service. – Requires application completed by individual and a health care provider. – Applications are reviewed by an independent agency, and eligibility is based on diagnosed disability.

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