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MUJI 無 印 良 品 心理三 蕭卉秀 財法四 簡妤庭 王雅涵 ‎ 英文四 周芳 劉敬亭

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Presentation on theme: "MUJI 無 印 良 品 心理三 蕭卉秀 財法四 簡妤庭 王雅涵 ‎ 英文四 周芳 劉敬亭"— Presentation transcript:

1 MUJI 無 印 良 品 心理三 蕭卉秀 財法四 簡妤庭 497742318 王雅涵 ‎ 英文四 周芳 499411200 劉敬亭
心理三 蕭卉秀 財法四 簡妤庭 英文四 周芳 英文四 謝沛恩 資管四 郭筱玫 資管四 王雅函 企四丙 林世昀 王雅涵 劉敬亭 周彥君 黃筱筑 蕭名君 賴品如

2 Introduction of MUJI MUJI 無印良品

3 They dedicated to promoting a philosophy of life that offers their consumers with simple, natural, high-quality and affordable life-related products, instead of wasting extra materials in making their products. That is, they focus on both the consumers’ needs and the environmental issues. Today, MUJI has became a world-wide famous brand which has stores all over the world. MUJI 無印良品

4 How to Make It Work? They cooperated by bringing a brand new Life Style Store into Taiwan. The central idea of a Life Style Store is to promote the simplicity and nature in life with a reasonable product price. (Which meet most of the consumers’ needs) This kind of idea is put into designing all kinds of items. Such as clothes, household items, food, etc. Consumers like it → They want it → They buy it → Success

5 Matsui, Tadamitsu (松井忠三)
CEO Matsui, Tadamitsu (松井忠三)

6 Management Open style design -Combination of stocks and stores
-Increase the visibility of goods and reduce inventory pressure Further strengthen the power of commodities -From visual and touch to smell and taste.

7 Management Direct Selling Store Innovation
-CEO personally re-selection, arrangement, training and inspecting stores Elastic expand stores -open new stores before making a profit -In Taiwan : according to the development of district property to do with customers and to show flexibility in strategy

8 Management Team to simplify
- design and planning department: 15 people - Design Advisory Committee: 8 people - Overseas designers :4 people

9 No-brand brand Simple. Functional. Affordable
Recycling or reselling the unsold products in the same condition. MUJI promotes a Pleasant Life it’s philosophy- 1. NO BRAND QUALITY GOODS 2. SELECTION OF MATERIALS  3. PACKAGING

1.Most suitable raw materials 2. Industrial materials 3.Recycling unused materials NO BRAND QUALITY GOODS PACKAGING  SELECTION OF MATERIALS  1.Making the best use of materials while considering environmental issues. 1.Simplicity 2.Conserving resources and reducing waste.

11 Three Promises for Corporate Operation
Make challenges customer viewpoint Communities Rise to the challenge of global growth and development 1.Customers 2.Growers 3.Manufacturers Offer new value and appeal, From customer viewpoint.

12 Design and Style Brand And Philosophy 12

13 Design and Style Minimalism Customers Environment Basic life style
No-brand brand. - MUJI means "no-label." Basic life style Natural Simple Proper Prices High Quality Eco-friendly Recycling Minimalism Customers Environment 13

14 MUJI’s Popular Products
Why are they different?

15 Pencil Refills Recyclable paper

16 Markable Umbrella

17 Attaching a name tag Recognize your umbrella! Avoid getting the wrong umbrella.

18 Towel with further options
The edge of the fabric or cloth will get loose easily.

19 Tower > Bath mat > Floor/Dust cloth
Textured surface doesn’t unravel fabric The lines act as a marker Reusable!

20 Wall Mounted CD Player Creativity, more aviliable space More
More available space

21 Just pull the cable!

22 SWOT Analysis Strength
Products- what you see is exactly what you get speech. Perfectly clear and global brand personality Eco-friendly More and more products High quality 22

23 SWOT Analysis Weakness Could have more fancy design
DIY might be difficulty to somebody Higher quality lead to higher prices

24 SWOT Analysis Opportunity Increasing – friendly market
Strong customer demand More channel to achieve products ex.http://

25 SWOT Analysis Threat More and more competitor ex. Working house, DAISO, Hands Tailung Economic slump Overtaken by others

26 Thanks for your ATTENTION!!

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