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Establishing Data Systems, Increasing Information Access Dutchtown South Community Corporation.

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1 Establishing Data Systems, Increasing Information Access Dutchtown South Community Corporation

2 Dutchtown South Community Corporation Founded 1973 Advancing neighborhood vitality through community empowerment, housing stabilization and real estate development

3 Four Service Area Neighborhoods Dutchtown Gravois Park Marine Villa Mount Pleasant

4 Demographic Snapshot Total Pop. % Pop. Under 18 Area (sq. mi.) Density (per sq. mi.) Dutchtown15, ,375 Gravois Park5, ,875 Marine Villa2, ,140 Mount Pleasant 4, ,347 City of St. Louis 319, ,172 Dutchtown: largest neighborhood population in City of St. Louis Two high-density neighborhood populations High youth populations Racial Diversity by Census Block Group calculated using Shannon-Weaver Index East-West Gateway Council of Governments; 2007

5 Why Move Toward Establishing Data Systems & Increasing Information Access? Informed understanding of neighborhood systems Longitudinal measurement Beyond processes and outcomes, toward impact Leveraging partnerships TOC: Equitable information access → Increased civic engagement How is DSCC doing so?

6 Technical Assistance from Key Partners Rise Collaborative Grant Rachel Delcau Consulting Services

7 Better Block Public art Participatory activities Neighborhood branding Commercial property Biking/pedestrian knowledge Aerial spatial density Livability factors with Trailnet & Community Development Administration of St. Louis City 4700 Virginia Avenue: 2014 Better Block Site

8 Block Teams Primary data collection Access to knowledge base and information systems Youth participation Live-streaming training sessions with Neighborhood Residents & Associations

9 Neighborhood Ownership Model Joining data sets Citizens’ Service Bureau Circuit Attorney’s Office Connecting resident experiences with available data Safety Assessment with Neighborhood Residents, Rise, Circuit Attorney’s Office, Metropolitan Police Department, City Counselor’s Office, Citizen’s Service Bureau & Community Development Administration problem property concerned neighbors multiple phone calls data in silos? csb 911 drug tip line

10 Neighborhood Newspaper Cross-marketing of north and south neighborhoods Bilingual columns “The Question” column Qualitative & quantitative Multi-media Youth & Block Teams with Old North Saint Louis Restoration Group

11 Questions or Suggestions? Thank you!

12 Slide 3: Map data 2014 Google, Sanborn; Slide 4: Census 2010;; Slide 6: Lucidchart, 2014, Rachel Delcau Consulting Services, Slide 7: Photos: by DSCC (left), by Mark Swain, Red Wolf Arts (right); Slide 8: Photos: by James McKee; Slide 9: Poster: St. Louis City Circuit Attorney’s Office; Slide 10: Graphic design: the Quarterly Media Kit, Tim

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