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Establishing Data Systems, Increasing Information Access Dutchtown South Community Corporation.

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1 Establishing Data Systems, Increasing Information Access Dutchtown South Community Corporation

2 Dutchtown South Community Corporation Founded 1973 Advancing neighborhood vitality through community empowerment, housing stabilization and real estate development

3 Four Service Area Neighborhoods Dutchtown Gravois Park Marine Villa Mount Pleasant

4 Demographic Snapshot Total Pop. % Pop. Under 18 Area (sq. mi.) Density (per sq. mi.) Dutchtown15,77027.71.5210,375 Gravois Park5,22532.60.4411,875 Marine Villa2,69128.50.654,140 Mount Pleasant 4,40824.70.607,347 City of St. Louis 319,29421.261.745,172 Dutchtown: largest neighborhood population in City of St. Louis Two high-density neighborhood populations High youth populations Racial Diversity by Census Block Group calculated using Shannon-Weaver Index East-West Gateway Council of Governments; 2007

5 Why Move Toward Establishing Data Systems & Increasing Information Access? Informed understanding of neighborhood systems Longitudinal measurement Beyond processes and outcomes, toward impact Leveraging partnerships TOC: Equitable information access → Increased civic engagement How is DSCC doing so?

6 Technical Assistance from Key Partners Rise Collaborative Grant Rachel Delcau Consulting Services

7 Better Block Public art Participatory activities Neighborhood branding Commercial property Biking/pedestrian knowledge Aerial spatial density Livability factors with Trailnet & Community Development Administration of St. Louis City 4700 Virginia Avenue: 2014 Better Block Site

8 Block Teams Primary data collection Access to knowledge base and information systems Youth participation Live-streaming training sessions with Neighborhood Residents & Associations

9 Neighborhood Ownership Model Joining data sets 9-1-1 Citizens’ Service Bureau Circuit Attorney’s Office Connecting resident experiences with available data Safety Assessment with Neighborhood Residents, Rise, Circuit Attorney’s Office, Metropolitan Police Department, City Counselor’s Office, Citizen’s Service Bureau & Community Development Administration problem property concerned neighbors multiple phone calls data in silos? csb 911 drug tip line

10 Neighborhood Newspaper Cross-marketing of north and south neighborhoods Bilingual columns “The Question” column Qualitative & quantitative Multi-media Youth & Block Teams with Old North Saint Louis Restoration Group

11 Questions or Suggestions? Thank you!

12 Slide 3: Map data 2014 Google, Sanborn; Slide 4: Census 2010;; Slide 6: Lucidchart, 2014, Rachel Delcau Consulting Services,; Slide 7: Photos: by DSCC (left), by Mark Swain, Red Wolf Arts (right); Slide 8: Photos: by James McKee; Slide 9: Poster: St. Louis City Circuit Attorney’s Office; Slide 10: Graphic design: the Quarterly Media Kit, Tim

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