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From Exposure to Comprehension

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1 From Exposure to Comprehension
Chapter 3 From Exposure to Comprehension

2 Learning Objectives Discuss why marketers are concerned about consumers’ exposure to marketing stimuli & what tactics they use to enhance exposure. Explain the characteristics of attention & how marketers can try to attract & sustain consumers’ attention to products & marketing messages. Describe the major senses that are part of perception and outline why marketers are concerned about consumers’ sensory perceptions. Discuss the process of comprehension, and outline how marketing-mix elements can affect consumer inferences about products & brands.

3 Exposure, Attention, & Perception

4 Exposure-1 “…reflects the process by which the consumer comes into contact with a stimulus.”

5 Exposure-2 Marketing stimuli Factors influencing exposure
Position of an ad Product distribution Shelf placement Selective exposure Zipping Zapping Measuring exposure

6 Attention “…the process by which we devote mental activity to a stimulus…necessary for information to be processed…activate our senses.”

7 Characteristics of Attention
Selective Capable of being divided Limited Under what conditions do you give full attention to advertising & marketing communication?

8 Focal & Nonfocal Attention
Preattentive processing Hemispheric lateralization Preattentive processing, brand name liking, & choice

9 Hemispheric Lateralization

10 Hemispheric Lateralization
Left hemisphere Processing units that can be combined, e.g., Counting Processing unfamiliar words Forming sentences Right hemisphere Processing music Grasping visual/spatial information Forming inferences Drawing conclusions Are you right brained or left brained?

11 Enhancing Consumer Attention via Marketing Stimului
Personally relevant Pleasant Surprising Easy to process

12 Pleasant Marketing Stimuli
Attractive models Music Humor What are some other ways to make ads More pleasant to consumers?

13 Surprising Novelty Unexpectedness Puzzles
What are ways to enhance suspense or surprise in advertising or marketing communications? Is surprise a good thing in marketing communications? Why/not?

14 Easy to Process Stimuli Prominent Concrete Contrasting
Limit amount of competing information KISS (Keep it simple…)

15 Concreteness & Abstractness
Concrete words Apple Bowl Cat Cottage Diamond Engine Flower Abstract words Aptitude Betrayal Chance Criterion Democracy Essence Fantasy Glory Garden Hammer Infant Lemon Meadow Mountain Ocean Hatred Ignorance Loyalty Mercy Necessity Obedience

16 Attention Defines customer segments Habituation

17 Perception “…occurs when stimuli are registered by one of our five senses: vision, hearing taste, smell, & touch

18 Perceiving Through Vision
Size & shape Lettering Color Color dimensions Color & physiological responses/moods Color & liking

19 Perceiving Through Hearing
Sonic identity Sound symbolism

20 Perceiving Through Taste
Varying perceptions of what “tastes good” Culture backgrounds In-store marketing

21 In-Store Marketing Tactics

22 Perceiving through Smell
Smell & physiological response/moods Product trial Liking Buying

23 Perceiving through Touch
Haptic means touch Touch & physiological responses/ moods Liking

24 Consumers Stimuli Perception
Absolute thresholds Differential thresholds Just noticeable Weber’s Law Subliminal perception & consumer behavior

25 How Consumers Perceive Marketing Stimuli
Perceptual organization Figure & ground Closure Grouping Bias for the whole

26 This Clorox ad attracts consumers’ attention because of its unexpectedness. One does not expect to see a shirt pouring bleach on itself. © The Clorox Company. Reprinted with permission. Photo: Giblin + James

27 This Wishbone Bountiful ad is easy for consumers to process
This Wishbone Bountiful ad is easy for consumers to process. It demonstrates the vegetables loaded into the salad dressing visually (concretely) and with little competing information. WISH-BONE and BOUNTIFULS are trademarks of Unilever. Used with permission.

28 Questions?

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