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Welcome to Lancashire Elementary School

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1 Welcome to Lancashire Elementary School
New Parent Orientation Welcome and Introductions “A Day in the Life of a Student at Lancashire” Curriculum Overview Parents As Partners School-Wide Communication Tour of School

2 School Day Arrival Time is 8:35 a.m. (Doors Open)
Morning Announcements 8:50 a.m. (Tardy time) Bus Riders Arrive and Depart from the Back of the School (parking lot near playground) Contact BSD Transportation at regarding any questions about bus schedules. Car Riders – Arrive and Depart from the front of school (main entrance). Parents must stay in vehicle while students are escorted into building by staff. Breakfast Served from 8:35-9:00 a.m. 3:35 p.m. is the official end of the school day

3 Attendance It is important that students be at school on time each day. After 8:50 a.m., a child is officially tardy. We understand that there are times when your child must miss school (due to illness or other reasons listed in the Code of Conduct). After an absence, the student must present a note to the teacher, written by the parent or legal guardian, within the first 5 days, of the student returning to school. Absences for reasons other than those listed in the Code of Conduct are classified as “unexcused”. If a child misses more than 26 days of school, they may not be promoted to the next grade.

4 Dress Code Pants, shorts, skorts. Skirts, jumpers, dresses, capris
Navy blue, black, khaki, brown (no sweatpants, terry cloth, or jeans) Clothing should fit appropriately (not too loose or too tight) Any clothing exposing the legs must be finger-tip length (boys and girls) Belts should be worn at the waist Socks, stockings. Tights (any color allowed – if designs cause a distraction during instruction, parents will be contacted to alter the selection). Shirts, blouses, sweaters, sweatshirts Shirts and blouses must have a collar; turtleneck shirts are permitted. Shirts and blouses are to be in Solid colors only – (pink, white, yellow, blue, green, purple, red, etc.) No stripes, polka dots, etc. All tops must be free of any characters, pictures or writing. Tops can either be long or short sleeves. Sweatshirts with hoods can only be worn for outside activities. Sweaters and lightweight sweatshirts can be worn in school (any solid color). Lancashire has a dress code that is appealing to most parents and allows some flexible with the selection of colors for our students. Shirts (collar or turtle neck with out any writing or designs) Hoodies can be worn during recess but not in the building. Purchase a solid color sweater. Shirts/dress must be finger tip length. No jeans, sweatpants, terry cloth)

5 Dress Code Shoes Boots are allowed during seasonal wear (feet get overheated during warm weather). Sneakers must be worn on gym day. Shoes must be tied, buckled or Velcro-fastened. Clogs, flip-flops, mules, crocs or other backless shoes are not permitted. Hats Hats and head coverings may not be worn inside the building, with the exception of religious purposes or special request made by parents with the Principal. Not permitted: Silly bands, sweatpants or accessories that are offensive or disruptive to the educational environment. Consequences for dress code violation: Student will be sent to the nurse’s office for a change of clothes (if sizes are available). Parents will be notified to bring a change of clothing. (Admin. decision) Non-compliance with the dress code can result in a conference with parents. *Parents will be notified of any “Dress Down Days”. (NUT passes)

6 Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
Overview of PBS Special Days Classroom Incentives Bus Incentives

7 Lunch Lunch $1.50 Milk $.50 There are several options for paying for meals: Prepay with cash or a check. Make checks payable to BSD Food Service (include student name and ID number in the memo section) and have your child take the check to the cafeteria staff. If you pre-pay for 10 lunches you will receive one free lunch. Use the automatic payment system: Federally subsidized free and reduced lunch and breakfast programs are provided to income eligible families. Applications for this program are available in the Main Office.

8 Memorize New Student I.D. Number for Lunch Purchases
Registers Will track all purchases during meal times, maintain a history of all student transactions, alert cashiers when a student has a food intolerance or allergy, & accept prepayments After your child proceeds through the meal line, he/she should enter his/her Student ID number on a keypad. Your assistance in helping your child memorize the Student ID number will increase the speed of the lunch line.

9 Car Line & Dismissal Every family picking up their child from Lancashire needs a number card. Contact the main office if you need a number card. The number card should be visibly displayed to the staff in car-line duty to pick up your child. No dismissal permitted from the office between 3:00-3:35PM

10 Car Line School staff will be outside to assist children into and out of the building from: 8:35-8:50AM (Arrival) 3:30-3:45PM (Dismissal) Parents should not drop off students and leave them unattended in front of the school before 8:35AM . (Front doors are locked) If you arrive after 8:50AM, you must park and sign your child in at the main office.

11 Copyright Laws bThe Brandywine School District adheres to Federal Copyright Act of The Copyright Act requires public school boards to adopt a policy requiring employees & students to comply with the requirements of the Copyright Act. Lancashire would like to display student work. Parents will receive a request for written authorization to display/distribute student work. Protect the copyrights of students’ work that is displayed in the hallways of our classrooms. Parents will receive a written permission slip giving consent to have their work displayed in hallways. Without the written permission, student materials will be limited to the classroom.

12 Code of Conduct In an effort to create a positive, respectful, orderly school environment that is welcoming and inclusive, the students at Lancashire Elementary will be asked to follow the Code of Student Conduct developed by the Brandywine Board of Education.  A copy is available on the school website:

13 Safe School Monthly Fire Drills Lock-down Drills
Photo ID Required for Early Dismissal Visitor’s Badge Required Follow BSD Bullying Initiative To prepare for an actual emergency the district and school practice monthly fire drills. Students are expected to follow certain behavior expectations, will be taught which exits to leave. Parents may want to inform students of the loud alarm sound. Lock Down drills are profound 2x’s per year. (Tornado, or possible internal or external intruder.)

14 Curriculum Common Core Standards Learning Focused Solutions (LFS)
Singapore Math Journeys Harcourt (Reading Series)

15 Meeting Students’ Needs
Response to Intervention (RTI) Differentiated Instruction English Language Learners Special Education RTI is a general education framework of research-based instructions and interventions. Basically, its is to provide additional support for students who are struggling in reading. Services are divided into three different levels (called tiers) general classroom, small group, and one-on-one. Students’ progress is monitored 4-6 weeks.

16 Compass Learning Compass Learning is a web-based curriculum that deliver interactive, self-paced, challenging, and engaging activities that are tied to what your child is learning at school. Logging onto CompassLearning:

17 Lancashire Enrichment Opportunities (LEO)
Learn more about Lancashire’s After-school programs

18 Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS)
Computer-based assessment Second grade students are assessed in the spring only. Grades 3-5 are assessed in the fall and spring

19 Reports Cards and Conferences
3 Report Cards per year December 3, March 8, June 3 Interim Reports Parent Teacher Conferences October 15-16, February 15, April 29

20 Parents as Partners A critical component of academic success
Building Relationships (Communication) PTA (first Wednesday of each month) Field Trips (Chaperone) Volunteers (School-wide events) Lancashire Lions (Sign up today!)

21 Communication Between Home and School
Agenda Books, Communication Folders Newsletters (Homeroom Classrooms & “Paw Prints”) Website Lancashire Elementary Alert Now (update numbers and addresses!) Telephone ( ) Home Access Center (4th & 5th grades)

22 Front Office We are making every effort to provide the best customer service that we can. Our primary mission is to focus on Student Learning To do this, Mr. Gladfelter and Ms. Jones-Davis will be in the classrooms to support instruction. Please be aware of respecting everyone’s time. Uninterrupted teacher/student instructional time will be a priority. Voice mails will be left during school hours. Please make appointments to speak to administration ahead of time so that meetings can be more productive and efficient. Ms. Tammy Barker is our new administrative assistant. Beth Eckerd, Attendance Clerk, half days/ AM only.

23 Important Dates Thursday, August 23 Back-To-School Picnic 5:30-7:00PM
Monday, August First Full Day for Grades 1-5 Monday, August Kindergarten Orientation (1-hour session) Tuesday, August First Full Day for Kindergarten Students

24 Welcome to the Lancashire School Community
Thank You for Coming!

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