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Pleasant Grove Intermediate School Welcome to 5th Grade!!!

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1 Pleasant Grove Intermediate School Welcome to 5th Grade!!!

2 The 5 th Grade Team Mrs. Tonia Zachry Mrs. Lori Wilson Mrs. Rebecca Young Mrs. Dodie Hughes Mrs. Melissa Thigpen Mrs. Marica Nicholas Mrs. Kasey Coggin

3 How Can We Survive 5 th Grade? Relax! –You and your child will make it. Remind –Them daily that school is becoming their responsibility

4 Binders How can my child manage them? Each binder is divided into sections. Everything stays in the binder, nothing stays at home. We use the classwork and study guides daily.

5 What to Expect Daily? Class begins at 7:45 We pick up from the cafeteria & begin Target Reading. This will help prepare your child for the STAAR test in the spring. We work hard and fast Until 3:00 If you have to schedule an appointment during the school day, please try to make it at the end of the day. Homework Assignment Sheet –Found in the front of your child’s binder –Review it each night and sign it daily *Study Science Vocabulary * *Study Multiplication Facts

6 Graded Papers Graded Papers are returned to your child and placed behind the “Graded Papers” section of their binders. Review the papers with your child and sign the needed ones and return to your child’s teacher.

7 What Not To Wear Remember –Shirt straps need to be a “dollar width” about 3 fingers wide –Shorts need to be at or below the knee –No tight fitting athletic wear

8 Lunch You are more than welcome to come and join YOUR child for lunch. However, we can not allow friends to join you and your child. –Confidentiality and Favoritism - we need to protect one and not allow the other. –Please do not walk your child to his/her hallway from the cafeteria.

9 Birthdays You may bring cupcakes, cookies, or a PRECUT cake (drop off in the office) Birthday parties are only celebrated on Friday afternoons at 2:30.

10 Appointments Due to the rigor of 5 th grade, please attempt to make all appointments at the end of the day. On Wednesdays from 11:00 – 1:30 is also a good time for appointments.

11 STAAR Test This test is very RIGOROUS. Your child will be tested in Reading, Math, and Science

12 What are WE doing to GET READY? Science - Vocabulary (This is very important) - Hands-On lab experiments Reading –Use of STAAR Reading Strategies –Developing Literary skills (Author’s Purpose, Compare/Contrast, Cause & Effect) –Target Reading Math (New Math TEKS this year!) –Use of problem solving strategies –Making all students show work –Target Math –Higher level thinking skills required in classwork and homework – not just fact recall

13 Important Dates Benchmark Dates: November 4 th – Math November 5 th – Reading November 12 th – Science STAAR TESTING March 30 th – Math March 31 st – Reading April 22 nd – Science These are test dates – Please do not make any doctor appointments for these days. PARENT CONFERENCES/ REPORT CARD PICK-UP Thursday, October 2 nd

14 How Can I Check My Child’s Grades? You need to get a code from the office Log on to the PGISD web site

15 How to Contact Your Child’s Teacher? Email is the method of choice Call the office @ 903-832-0001 Write a note on the Assignment Sheet

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