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Campus Connectors Thursday, 03/21/13 1. Welcome/Worship/Prayer (Damie Elder-Hiscock) Office Manager Titles (Lorie Escobar) Student Workers (Sharon Russell)

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1 Campus Connectors Thursday, 03/21/13 1

2 Welcome/Worship/Prayer (Damie Elder-Hiscock) Office Manager Titles (Lorie Escobar) Student Workers (Sharon Russell) Advancement/Promotional Track and Professional Development Opportunities (Becky Daniel) Educational/Training Opportunities (Jonathan Rickard) Website Updates (Scott Cushman) Employee Handbooks (Lou Ann Fredregill) Closing – Quiz/Giveaway (Salli Jenks) Agenda 2

3 Office Manager Titles Lorie Escobar 3

4 Office Manager Titles Recommendations for Consideration 1.Propose the personnel who assist the three executive officers of the college carry the title of Executive Assistant with option for Senior Executive Assistant when warranted to recognize contribution and years of service. 2.Propose the personnel who assist the other campus administrators and associates in administration have the option to progress from Office Manager to Administrative Assistant after 7 years of service to that area. Office Managers in academic divisions can also progress to Administrative Assistant after 7 years. 4

5 Student Workers Sharon Russell 5

6 Process for Hiring Student Workers Statement of Philosophy One-on-one meeting with students seeking employment Resumes Character References Training of Student Staff Part of the training is done by current employees Training actually “hands on” Sharing of “Why the Ortner Center exists” Face of Union College Stewards of gifts given to the college How we fit into the entire school program God’s hands and feet Caring for all of our customers 6 Student Workers

7 Evaluations Done once a semester Use form developed by the Advancement Department Opportunity for feedback for all involved Pay raises based on the evaluation form Helping Student Staff feel part of the Team 7 Student Workers

8 Advanced Training Becky Daniel 8

9 9

10 Educational/Training Opportunities Jonathan Rickard 10

11 Website Updates Scott Cushman 11

12 Employee Handbooks (Faculty and Administrative) Lou Ann Fredregill 12

13 Faculty Handbook A work in progress, but conceptually in force Union website: About>Employment>Employee Resources Administrative Handbook Not posted on the Union website, but “Coming eventually” 13

14 Thursday, 04/18 Next meeting is Thursday, 04/18 Windows/MS Office training Last meeting of the school year 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm (no meal involved) In the Computer Lab Survey will be sent out next week regarding possible topics – and we want to hear what topics you would like covered!! Closing 14

15 How well do you know Union College? Quiz from Light Upon the Hill 15

16 1) The Lincoln site won the final vote 6-2 over the competing site for Union College. Where was the competing site? A.Colorado Springs, CO B.Deadwood, SD C.Des Moines, IA D.Kansas City, KS E.Minneapolis, MN F.Gainesville, GA 16

17 2) How much did the SDA Church pay for the Union College land? A.Nothing, it was donated B.$1 (a nominal fee to make it official) C.$144 D.$1,440 E.$14,400 F.$144,000 17

18 3) Which statement is untrue about the original dormitory plan? A.Men and women lived in the same dormitory. B.Students were segregated by country of origin. C.The dormitory contained a kitchen and dining facility. D.There were to be no deans or dormitory monitors. 18

19 4) Where did the school song, “Slinga de Ink” originate? A.Mountain View College in Texas B.Union College in New York C.Medfield College in Massachusetts D.Pomona College in California E.Coe College in Iowa F.Union College in Nebraska 19

20 5) In what year did Union College install computer terminals in every dorm room? A.1979 B.1984 C.1988 D.1992 E.1994 F.1996 20

21 Answers: 21 1.C) Des Moines, IA was the other site that made the final two (page 19). 2.A) The land was donated by John H. McClay and Tillie and David May (pages 19 and 20). 3.D) There is no mention of deans, but there is mention of “preceptors” and “preceptresses” on page 28. Pages 26-27 discuss the reasons for segregation by country of origin (to promote national culture and preserve the mother tongue) and pages 27-28 discuss the way boys and girls were physically segregated while living in the same building. 4.E) The song, “I want to Go Back to Coe Again” was written by Earl S. Killeen, music director at Coe College from 1910 to 1914. It was brought to Union College in 1924 by Louis Niermeyer who adjusted the lyrics to fit Union College. (page 82) 5.B) In 1984 Union College became the first college in the nation to place a computer terminal in every dormitory room at an estimated cost of $400,000. (page 97)

22 The end! Questions are all from information published in “Union College: Light Upon the Hill” by Everett Dick, George Gibson, and Union College Staff (2004). 22

23 23

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