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The Brain By: Bianca Aguayo Melissa Aguayo Brenda Buenrostro.

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1 The Brain By: Bianca Aguayo Melissa Aguayo Brenda Buenrostro

2 Frontal Lobe The frontal lobe is located behind the skull of the forehead. Used for thinking, make decisions, studying, make judgments, problem solving, consciousness and emotions.

3 Parietal Lobe The Parietal Lobe is located near the back top of the head. Used for mostly taste, smell, temperature, senses.

4 Occipital Lobe Located at the back of the skull. Used for vision.

5 Temporal Lobe The Temporal Lobe is located on each side of the head, above the ears. Controls hearing, helps to smell and taste, where your memory is stored.

6 Hippocampus Is located in the medial temporal lobe of the brain. Sends memories to be stored and all organized.

7 Amygdala Located in the deep within the temporal lobes. Gives you automatic response to fear, emotional response, and memory.

8 Cingulate Gyrus This is located between the cingulate sulcus and the sulcus. It coordinates with emotional response to pain, regulates aggressive behavior.

9 Cerebral Ventricles Also known as the Ventricle System. It helps move blood around your body, reminds your body to move parts.

10 Cerebellum It is located at the back of the brain. Helps move your eyes, muscles, and also hear.

11 Brain Stem Is located at the lower, back part of the brain. It is what is keeping us alive, indicated something done in the past.

12 Corpus Callosum Is located underneath the cerebrum at the center of the brain. Use to communicate. Regulates change from inspiration to expiration.

13 Thalamus Located at the to of brain stem between the cerebral cortex and midbrain. Acts as the messenger, passes messages between the spinal cord and cerebral hemisphere.

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