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-George Kresovich -Justin Goodridge

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1 -George Kresovich -Justin Goodridge
Meningitis -George Kresovich -Justin Goodridge

2 Meningitis Meningitis is the inflammation of the meninges on the outer layer of the brain and spinal cord

3 Background Information
Joseph Gebhardt, 32, 5’6” and 164lbs has been waking up with severe headaches, joint pain and has been having sensitivity to light. His wife Sara had recently had meningitis and Joseph had been cleaning up her vomit and had unknowingly gotten some of her vomit on his hand and then went to itch his nose.

4 Symptoms General poor feeling Sudden high fever
Severe, persistent headache Neck stiffness Nausea or vomiting Discomfort in bright lights Drowsiness or difficulty waking Joint pain

5 Affected Regions It affects the brain and spinal chord
The bloodstream is affected The sinuses Ears Upper respiratory tract

6 Diagnosis Tests Blood Cultures Imaging Spinal Tap
Blood drawn to check for bacteria Imaging CT scans of head, chest, and sinus Spinal Tap Analysis of cerebrospinal fluid for a low blood sugar and increased white blood cell count

7 Treatments Mild cases Oxygen Therapy Supportive Care
Stay home and hydration Medicine for pain and fever General antibiotics and steroids Medicines that reduce fever Oxygen Therapy Supportive Care Hospitalized for IV Close watch by doctors

8 Prognosis Bacterial Meningitis Viral Meningitis
Serious neurological damage to body Death within hours Viral Meningitis Less likely to have permanent brain damage More likely to make full recovery

9 Communication Error Error in the communication in the neurons between Broca and Wernicke’s area leads to a disturbance in speech production The inflammation of the temporal lobe leads to a loss of hearing

10 Medical Professionals
Infectious Disease Specialist Specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of complex infections Treat patients with chronic infection or disorders Education: 4 years of medical school, 3 years of doctor training and 10 years of training in order to practice Assist doctor in diagnosis and treatment Laboratory Technician They test the spinal tissue and fluid to look for bacteria Education: Associate’s degree in medical technology, licensing and certification

11 Etiology Causes Inflammation of protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord Infection of fluid surrounding spinal cord Physical injury Drugs Cancerous tumors Parasites

12 Conclusion Questions The disease you investigated involved a problem in the nervous system. Explain how other body systems were affected by this error: The skeletal system is affected in that meningitis causes bone and joint damage which limits mobility. The circulatory system is affected in that the bacteria in your blood can release toxins and while your blood pressure rises and falls, the blood vessels may be damaged.

13 Conclusion Questions Brainstorm and describe at least two types of medical interventions that may help your patient: Corticosteroids relieve inflammation and pressure in the brain Oxygen therapy is used to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood which is found to be lower in patients with meningitis

14 Conclusion Questions Explain why even when their bodies seem to be failing, people with ALS have all of their mental functions and senses intact: ALS affects the motor neurons of the body which are responsible for muscle movement and sensory neurons are not affected which are responsible for transmitting information from the senses.

15 Bibliography Meningitis. (2014, April 1). Retrieved November 7, 2014, from What Is Meningitis? Bacterial, Viral, and Fungal Meningitis Causes. (2014, March 17). Retrieved November 7, 2014, from

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