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1 Video Project Presentation

2 ist=PLZQb3q0rO8MHVIfR0GW- ajsyz6CQsDz0v ist=PLZQb3q0rO8MHVIfR0GW- ajsyz6CQsDz0v

3 Algebra 2 SGO Final Assessment- Introduction Video 1 Introduction to three video playlist to help students who need assistance studying for the SGO final assessment. This video includes a description of the graphic organizer and my expectation to fill in. Additionally it shows real example of what the final assessment will look like for the students. Solving Equations- Special Reminders- Video 2 This presentation reminds the students of all the special ways we learned how to solve for solutions for quadratic, polynomial and radical equations. I feel this is a good video for students to start with because it will help them remember all the tips we learned in class. Solving Equations Problem Set- Video 3 This video is a set of solved problem set of all the types of problems the students will see on the SGO Final assessment. I think it is helpful to see all the directions and reasoning behind the steps. Students can use this to help them try problems and then check their solutions.

4 Provide teachers with an explanation of the lesson from a teacher’s perspective. Target Audience Goals/ Objectives/ Outcomes for Lesson CCSS Brainy Bits: Pedagogy: Multiple Intelligences Citations

5 Algebra 2 CP Students unable to pass the SGO guidelines before the post test. Sophomores and Juniors at Paramus High School in Miss Wiezik’s class

6 My goal for this three video playlist is to assist students in need. I hope that students will benefit from me telling them exactly what I want in the graphic organizer and from seeing the types of questions on the post test. Additionally I hope my power point with specific reminders helps them remember back to when we first learned the material. Lastly I hope having directions and answers to problems helps them learn the process of the problems they will need to answer.

7 A.REI.4 and N.CN.7 ​ covers solving quadratic equations in one variable that have both real and complex solutions. These are good because they show solving for two solutions but introduce to students that answers are not always nice. It shows students that answers could have radicals, imaginary numbers or no answers at all. A.APR.3 Covers identifying zeros of polynomials. This is a good skill because in algebra 1 students are taught how to manipulate polynomials and in algebra 2 we show them how to use it for our benefit. It allows students to answer questions when there are more than two answer but allowing them to use solving skills they already have form quadratics. A.REI.2 covers solving for radical equations and understanding that some answers are extraneous. Students will now be exposed how to rewrite equations to help them find the answers, this is a skill they will need in upper level math when they truly need to manipulate math problems. Additionally students will learn that even though you solved for an answer correctly it could still be wrong. Students will learn how to decided if answers are wrong and why they are wrong.

8 Frontal Lobe Students must make a decision as to what type of equation the problem is and how to solve it Then students need to choose the appropriate method by problem solving Temporal Lobe So much of algebra 2 builds on prior knowledge, it is important students remember skills from previous lessons Students will be hearing songs to learn Occipital Lobe The project involves a graphic organizer so students can see how all the concepts connect Parietal Lobe Important for processing language and mathematics. Very important for t his project

9 Musical Rap for sum of cubes and difference of cubes Song for quadratic formula Linguistic Steps to processes in the worked out examples Spatial Factor Tree in quadratics Copy Cat with polynomials Logic Being able to work through the problems Intrapersonal Individual Project

10 Works Cited "Butterfly." Free Wallpapers HD. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2014. "1st Quarter." Welcome to the Utah Electronic High School. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2014. "Weasel Clipart | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images." Weasel Clipart | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2014. "What Is a Depressed Polynomial?" Lessons & Instructional Materials. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2014.

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