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500 pound gorilla vs. 150 pound human © West Educational Publishing.

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1 500 pound gorilla vs. 150 pound human © West Educational Publishing

2 How much do each of their brains weigh?
© West Educational Publishing

3 Gorilla’s Brain = 1 pound Human’s Brain = 3 pounds
© West Educational Publishing

4 Brain to Body Ratio 1:500 Brain to Body Ratio 3:150
If the human brain were of the same ratio as the gorilla’s, our brain would only weigh 5 ounces! © West Educational Publishing

5 OBJECTIVES: ● List consequences that can occur if
the frontal lobe is damaged. ● Discover how verbal tasks interfere with right-handed motor skills – results of the Kinsbourne & Cook study (1971) ● Describe condition known as agnosia. ● Identify which parts of the brain were activated while viewing a video clip. © West Educational Publishing

6 (Humming the Star Spangled Banner)
Temporal Lobe “Hearing” Demonstration (Humming the Star Spangled Banner) © West Educational Publishing

7 FRONTAL LOBE CORE OF THE PERSONALITY © West Educational Publishing

8 FRONTAL LOBE If damaged, here’s a likely list of consequences:
Inappropriate emotions Socially unacceptable behaviors (usually meaning fewer inhibitions) Inability to make long-range plans Easily distracted Difficulty integrating facts © West Educational Publishing

9 FRONTAL LOBE Example of a person with frontal lobe damage:
He/she goes into the bedroom to make the bed, becomes distracted by the wallpaper, which he/she decides need to be changed, and rips it down! © West Educational Publishing

10 Hemisphere Dominance Demonstration
© West Educational Publishing

11 Kinsbourne & Cook Study - 1971
Subjects completed a verbal task while balancing a wooden rod on either the left or the right finger. Subjects were able to balance the rod longer on their left finger than on their right. Apparently, a verbal task (left-hemisphere skill) interferes with a right-handed motor skill (a left-hemisphere motor-strip task). © West Educational Publishing

12 Imagine gazing at a running shoe, taking in the laces and the color of the stripes, drawing the shoe on a big piece of paper with crayons, yet not being able to identify the object as a shoe… © West Educational Publishing

13 AGNOSIA…. AKA: Mindblindness - Results from brain injury
© West Educational Publishing

14 If a person with agnosia is able to feel the object (however), he/she can then name the object without hesitation. Several senses need to be stimulated in order for a whole picture to develop. Some people develop facial agnosia, where they may not be able to identify their own family members until they hear their voices. © West Educational Publishing

15 OBJECTIVES: ● Describe what the Broca’s area is and
results if the area is damaged. ● Discover which of your motor strips is dominant. ● Describe the Mozart effect. ● Name/list famous left-handed people. ● Describe what split brain is & how it affects a person with a split brain.. ● Discover how to utilize both sides of the brain while taking notes. © West Educational Publishing

16 Wernicke’s Area Broca’s Area © West Educational Publishing

17 Question: If both a woman and a man have a stroke that damages this area (Broca’s area), who is more likely to recover? © West Educational Publishing

18 Question: If both a woman and a man have a stroke that damages this area (Broca’s area), who is more likely to recover? Brain imaging techniques reveal that many women process speech and language in both hemispheres, so a woman is much more likely to recover her verbal skills. © West Educational Publishing

19 WERNICKE’S area is located in the left temporal lobe and is involved in the process of understanding (processing) words we hear spoken. © West Educational Publishing

20 Exploration – Motor Strip Dominance
Make tallies under these categories: Left Right No Preference when I ask you the following questions……. (Go with what comes first/naturally.) © West Educational Publishing

21 Exploration – Motor Strip Dominance Which hand do you write with?
Which hand holds scissors? Which hand holds a hammer? Which arm goes first into a jacket? Which arm goes into the loop of a backpack/book bag first? Which hand is on top when you clap? Which hand deals out cards? Which foot kicks a ball? © West Educational Publishing

22 © West Educational Publishing

23 Kasey Kahne & & Tom Cruise David Archuleta
© West Educational Publishing

24 A number of studies have show the
In 1998, Governor Zell Miller of Georgia made sure every baby born in his state received an audiotape with classical music on it. A number of studies have show the positive effects music can have on the brain and this was one attempt at applying some of these findings. © West Educational Publishing

25 THE MOZART EFFECT Study done at the University of California at Irvine. Researchers found that listening to Mozart prior to completing a spatial task improved spatial reasoning. © West Educational Publishing

26 SPLIT BRAIN David McNeil (@University of Chicago)
Left-Hemisphere seems to specialize in linguistic coding: Syntax & Grammar Right-Hemisphere seems to specialize in imagery, which may be reflected through gestures. During discourse, it’s common for split-brain patients to speak, pause, then gesture, then resume speaking again. CONCLUSION: BOTH HEMISPHERES ARE INVOLVED IN LANGUAGE. © West Educational Publishing

27 SPLIT BRAIN – Story Problem
Split-Brain Sam is blind-folded. With his LEFT hand, he picks up a bell. He feels it… He rings it…. He knows it’s a bell. Would he be able to SAY it is a bell? © West Educational Publishing

28 Story Problem (Answer)
SPLIT BRAIN – Story Problem (Answer) Since he CAN HEAR it, since BOTH EARS hear the bell, both hemispheres also “hear” it, and the talking left-hemisphere would be able to say, “It’s a bell.” HOWEVER, if he just picked it up and did NOT ring it, Split-Brain Sam probably would NOT be able to verbalize that the object name is “bell.” © West Educational Publishing

29 Kent State (Front Campus)
© West Educational Publishing

30 Kent State (Front Campus)
HIPPOCAMPUS = MEMORIES Kent State (Front Campus) © West Educational Publishing

31 © West Educational Publishing

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