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Brain Structures By Adam Michalowsky.

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1 Brain Structures By Adam Michalowsky

2 Cerebrum The Cerebrum is that largest part of the human brain
It's divided into four different sections (lobes) They are called the frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes Some of the functions of the Cerebrum are reasoning, planning, movement, emotions, problem solving, recognition, perception, memory and speech


4 Frontal Lobe The Frontal Lobe is involved in a wide array of processes, such as all of our emotions and our personality When our frontal lobe is damaged, we are never the same Our personalities can be completely changed, just by a simple lesion to the frontal lobe


6 Parietal Lobe Out of all of the Parietal Lobe's functions, its main ones are sensory information retrieval, interpretation, and perception Most of what we see is the way we see it because of the Parietal Lobe


8 Occipital Lobe The Occipital Lobe is everything to do with vision
It interprets what we see, and translates it for us into something we understand Without the Occipital Lobe, no matter how good our eyes are, we would be blind


10 Cerebellum Like the cerebrum, it has hemispheres, however it only has two One of the oldest parts of the brain Some functions are movement coordination, posture, balance, and voluntary motor movements


12 Limbic System Underneath the cerebrum, very old brain structure
Sometimes referred to as the “emotional brain” Contains the thalamus, hypothalamus, amygdala, and hippocampus Controls our emotions, but mainly the ones we use for survival, such as fear, anger, and all emotions relating to sexual behavior


14 Thalamus The Thalamus, a part of the limbic system, processes and relays the sensory and movement information It takes in sensory information, and then moves it along to the cerebral cortex


16 Amygdala The Amygdala is the brain's defense system
It is what causes us to feel fear and anxiety, and makes us want to fight or flight The Amygdala is also known to affect some of our other emotions


18 Hippocampus The Hippocampus, a part of the limbic system, is a big center for memory, storing all of our long term memories In addition to this, it plays a part in emotions, behavior, and smell


20 Brain Stem Underneath the limbic system
Similar structures are found in other species as well Controls basic life functions, such as breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure Made of three different parts, the pons, the medulla, and the midbrain


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