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Hawaii Coral ID.

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1 Hawaii Coral ID

2 Class Hydrozoa-hydroids Class Scyphozoa- jellyfish
Phylum Cnideria Class Hydrozoa-hydroids Class Scyphozoa- jellyfish Class Cubozoa- box jellies and sea wasps Class Anthozoa Subclass Hexacorallia- zoanthids, hermatypic corals Order Scleractinia- reef builders Order Zoanthidea- zoanthids Subclass Ceriantipitharia- tube anenomes, black corals, thorny corals Subclass Octocoralia- ahermatypic, octocorals, blue coral Order Helioporacea- blue coral Order Alyconacea- leather corals Order Pennatulacea- sea pen

3 “True” Stony Corals Hermatypic- reef building, zooxanthellae
Common species: Acroporidae- table Acroporidea- rice Agariciidae- flat lobe, corregated Faviidae- crust, ocellated Fungiidae- humpback, mushroom Pocilloporidae- lace, antler, cauliflower Poritidae- finger, lobe, plate Thamastreidae

4 Order Zoanthidea - zoanthids
Zoanthus pacificus Palythoa tuberculosa - rubber coral

5 Family Acroporidae: rice coral
Order Scleractinia Family Acroporidae: rice coral Montipora patula Montipora flabellata Montipora verrucosa Montipora capitata

6 Order Scleractinia Family Acroporidae Table coral Acropora cytheria

7 Family Agariciidae: flat lobe coral, corrugated coral
Order Scleractinia Family Agariciidae: flat lobe coral, corrugated coral Flat lobe corrugated Pavona duerdeni Pavona varians

8 crust coral, ocellated coral
Order Scleractinia Family Faviidae: crust coral, ocellated coral Agassiz's Coral (Cyphastrea agassizi (Formally Leptastrea bottae) Cyphastrae ocellina Leptastrea purpurea

9 Humpback coral, mushroom coral
Order Scleractinia Family Fungiidae: Humpback coral, mushroom coral mushroom Fungia scutaria

10 Family Pocilloporidae: Lace coral, antler coral, and cauliflower coral
Order Scleractinia lace Pocillopora damicornis antler cauliflower Pocillopora eydouxi Pocillopora meaandrina

11 Finger coral, lobe coral, Evermann’s coral, plate and pillar coral
Order Scleractinia Family Poritidae: Finger coral, lobe coral, Evermann’s coral, plate and pillar coral Porites lobata Porites evermanni Porites rus Porites compressa

12 Order Scleractinia Family Thamastreidae Psammocora stellata

13 Non Reef-Building Corals

14 Family Dendrophyllidae
Orange cup coral Tubastrea coccina

15 Family Antipathiidae Black coral, wire coral, - not an octocoral Black coral Wire coral Both feed on zooplankton

16 Phylum Cnidaria Class Anthozoa Subclass Octocorallia
Order Alcyonacae- soft coral Order Coenothyecalia- blue coral (not found in Hawaii) Order Gorgonacea- sea fans Order Pennatulacea- sea pens Order Telestacea- snowflake corals

17 Soft coral Alcyonacae

18 Sea fan- Gorgonacae Sea pen- Pennatulacea

19 Telestacea Snowflake coral
















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