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The Parietal Lobe By: Kindrea Wilson and Stanley Duncan.

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1 The Parietal Lobe By: Kindrea Wilson and Stanley Duncan

2 The Definition Parietal Lobe-a portion of the cerebral cortex at the top of the head and toward the rear; receives sensory input for touch and body position.

3 Major Function of the Parietal Lobe Sensing pain, pressure, and touch Regulating and processing the body's five senses Movement and visual orientation Speech Visual perception and recognition Cognition and information

4 The Behaviors the Parietal Lobe Controls The Parietal lobe can control any behavior. The type of behavior that it controls is based off of the environment and other factors.

5 The Process of the Parietal Lobe All four lobes work together to send sensory information to each other. Each lobes deals with different sensory information and they send the information to the rest of the lobes.

6 What parts of the brain does the Parietal lobe work with? Frontal lobe Temporal lobe Occipital lobe

7 The discovery of the Parietal Lobe Franciscus Sylvius (1614-1672) Physician, physiologist, anatomist, and chemist Professor at the University of Leidon (1641) Was in the chemistry lab at the University when discovering the deep cleft (Sylvian Fissure).

8 Continued... The deep cleft is what separates all of the lobes. This is how the four lobes became separate.

9 Injury to the Parietal Lobe can cause... Problems with: Speech Writing Understanding symbols and language Can not locate parts of your body. Can not recognize parts of your body.

10 Recent Research Researchers have found evidence linking the Parietal lobe to memory. Different types of memory: Visual short term memory Working Memory Episodic Memory

11 Parts of the Parietal Lobe Superior parietal lobule Inferior parietal lobule Intraparietal sulcus


13 Works Citied _brain/the_human_brain.html?gclid=CLSq1uu q0LkCFSpk7AodKygA3A Brain.html 77670/Franciscus-Sylvius Http:// 2898273/

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