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To 160 th Ave Church of Christ 160thavechurch.c om.

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1 To 160 th Ave Church of Christ 160thavechurch.c om

2 Why Israel fell: 2 Kings 17 Walked in the customs of the nations that had previously been driven out (vs. 8, 15) Walked in the customs that the kings of Israel introduced (vs. 8) Secretly did things against the Lord their God (vs. 8) Idolatry as the nations before them, provoking God. (vs. 9-12, 16-17) Did not heed the warnings from God’s servants, the prophets, and instead were stiff-necked like their fathers (13-15)

3 The Reign of Josiah

4 Background: A great period of wickedness before Josiah’s reign – Manasseh reigns 55 years and becomes a most wicked king Judah – Ammon is a wicked king who reigns 2 years Josiah’s story begins with a prophecy in 1 Kings 13:1-2 – A prophecy in the days of Jerobaom at the altar of Bethel – Foreshadowed long before he reigns that he would make reform

5 Josiah Summary: Became king at age 8 (2 Kings 22:1-2) – Introduced as a righteous king. – Fulfills the ideal of Deut. 17:20 (not turn right or left but read the book of the law). At age 26 Josiah instructs that repairs be made on the temple and a copy of the book of the law is found. (2 Kings 22:3-10) – Hilkiah the high priest finds the book – Shaphan reads it in the presence of the king Josiah tears his cloths and inquires of God. (2 Kings 22:11- 20) – Huldah (a prophetess) prophecies that the curses of the book will come but not during his reign because of his humility.

6 Josiah Summary: Josiah makes a covenant and begins reformation (2 Kings 23:1-3) – Tears down all idolatry and idolatrous action (2 Kings 23:4-14)) – Fulfills the prophecy regarding Jeroboam and slaughters false priests (2 Kings 23:15-20) – Reinstitutes the Passover (2 Kings 23:21-23) – Removed mediums and spiritists (2 Kings 23:24) Finally, Kings records his death by Pharaoh Neco (2 Kings 23:28-30) A Good summary of Josiah’s reign: “Before him there was no king like him who turned to the Lord with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his might, according to all the law of Moses; nor did any like him arise after him.” (2 Kings 23:25)

7 True Repentance 2 Kings 23:4-14 True Repentance – Bears fruit (Matt. 3:8) – Not a half way job but thorough and complete Understand the magnitude of these sins and the influence they hold and cuts them off completely (Matt. 5:29-30) Makes not provision for the flesh (Rom. 13:14) A contrast to kings in the past (good kings) – Asa 1 Kings 15:11-14 – Jehoshaphat 1 Kings 22:42 – Joash 2 Kings 12:2-3 – Amaziah 2 Kings 14:3-4 – Uzziah 2 Kings 15:3-4 – Jotham 2 Kings 15:34-35 – “only the high places were not taken away. People still sacrificed and burned incense on the altars” Not just refraining from evil but a commitment to righteousness.

8 The Law can be used to provide Incredible Reformation Reform and restoration sometimes came through the warning/instruction of prophets. – Jonah- Nineveh Reforms and restoration also comes through the reading of God’s word. – Josiah has the book of the covenant read to him by Hilkiah – Ezra reads the law day and night to the people who come from Exile (Neh. 8:1-4) They could understand They were attentive. If we would desire restoration: – We would heed the teachings of teachers/preachers – We would read, reflect and apply God’s word ourselves

9 We can take responsibility to do the right thing regardless of Consequences Huldah prophecies that because of his humility the disaster wouldn’t occur while he was alive but destruction will come. Displays the gravity of sin – Despite repentance and forgiveness consequences often still occur from sin. Josiah does the right thing – This does not deflect Josiah from his path to reform. – Reform is still the right action to take. – Josiah’s attitude is not, “It’s no use,” “it’s too late,” “why bother?” – Other Ex. Nineveh Daniel’s friends (Dan. 3:16-18)

10 Great things can be accomplished in Youth Josiah claims the throne at the age of 8 and begins reform at the age of 26 (in the 18 th year). – Whoever said “you can’t accomplish anything in your youth” was just wrong. – Often people who accomplish great things were able to do so b/c of the foundation set while they were young. It is amazing the responsibility that can be taken in youth – Ex. of grandmother – We are never too young to start taking responsibility for our spiritual lives and serving God.

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