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QXFSM1 Mirror Shim System R. Bossert Dec. 1, 2014 LARP Teleconference.

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1 QXFSM1 Mirror Shim System R. Bossert Dec. 1, 2014 LARP Teleconference

2 Coil SQXF02 752mm (29.5 in) from lead end looking from lead end Never Tested Average azimuthal size = +2.5 mils Average radial size = mils One square = 100 um (4 mils) Note: This position is through the coil body, at the location of the strain gauge station Measurement normalized with respect to z on OD and x to average of sides 2 SQXF02 coil CMM measurement summary for shim system

3 A summary of the measurements of coil SQXF02 indicates coil is approximately 2 mils (50 um) oversize at each midplane and concave by 2 mils on the outer surface with respect to nominal. A representative cross section is shown in the following slide. CMM measurement of coil Position No.Azimuthal sizeRadial sizePosition Description mils+ 1.5 milsend mils+ 2.5 milsend mils+ 3.5 milsramp area mils+ 4 milsramp area mils+ 2 milsBody mils+ 3.5 milsBody mils Body mils+ 2 milsBody mils+ 1.5 milsBody mils+ 0.5 milsBody mils end mils- 4.5 milsend Mean body & ramp mils mils Mean LE+ 0.5 mils+ 2 mils Mean RE mils- 3 mils

4 53 in./1349 µm -1.5 mils (38 µm) 58 in. /1477 µm -8 mils (200 µm)

5 Narrative of SQXF shim system and process: R. Bossert The HQM04 mirror was pressed to about 145 MPa and had an “interference” of 514 microns. We will base the interference size for QXFSM1 on the HQM04 results, modified by certain assumptions. Assumptions for initial interference size for SQXF mirror: Amount of interference should increase for coil size by a factor of 150/120, so 514*(150/120) = 642 um. However, we are setting MPa as a final “warm” goal for the QXF mirror, so we will assume a final warm preload from the strain gauges at the inner pole of 90 MPa. So interference should decrease for the lower preload by a factor of 90/140 = 642*(90/140) = 412 um. So we will start the test pressing with an interference of 412 um. Shimming to create a 412 um interference: +50 um azimuthal coil oversize from CMM measurements + 0 extra ground wrap at midplane (5 mils used vs. 5 mils nominal) + 0 extra radial ground wrap (5 mils nominal vs. 5 mils used) + 0 extra radial ground wrap on shell (10 mils nominal vs. 10 mils used) um for 13 mils extra kapton shim placed at midplane. +38 um from 1 mil radial kapton “bending” shim near midplane (3 mil shim – 2 mil coil deformation from CMM measurements) = 418 um. We will base the shim system for QXFSM1 on the previous system used for HQM04

6 QXFSM1 shim System as planned 6QXFSM1 shim system as planned QXFSM1 Shim system breakdown (warm): + 50 um coil azimuthal oversize + 0 um extra ground wrap at midplane + 0 extra radial ground wrap for 13 mil extra kapton shim at midplane + 38 um effective from 1 mil (25 um) radial kapton “bending” shim near midplane*. = 418 um Total midplane “interference” size 3 mil radial Kapton shim 13 mil Kapton sheet (2)-5 mil Kapton sheets bonded to inside of stainless steel protective shell (nominal amount) 4mm (102 mil) thick G-10 midplane shim 5 mil ground sheet (nominal amount) Stainless steel protective shell. 3 mil radial kapton shim is used, but the “efffective” shim is 1 mil, because 2 mils of this shim compensates for measured deformation of the coil outer surface.

7 7 Assembly Steps 1. Press to 80 MPa in press without skin or clamps (60% of press capacity (6000 pump psi). 2. Drive in side clamps, increasing preload to 90 MPa

8 8 Assembly Steps 3. Remove press pressure, clamps deflect, preload is 50 MPa. 4. Install skin, return to press, press to 90 MPa. 5. Bolt skin and release press. Final average coil preload of 70 MPa.

9 We will do the initial pressing with the designated shim system. To verify that this is the correct system, We will press the coil in the press until we achieve pressures between 50 and 90 MPa, and measure the distance between the notches on the yoke laminations. This distance should be consistent with the distance indicated by the FEA for these pressures. Then we will either adjust the shim system or proceed with the assembly.

10 Backup Slides

11 Radial Shim=0.1mm Saz, Pa 300K

12 4K Saz, Pa At quench current the azimuthal Lorentz force in the mirror is ~30% lower than in the quadrupole model => lower coil prestress needed.

13 Radial Shim=0.1mm Glued Saz, Pa 4K 11.9T 18kA


15 HQM04 shim System as planned for reference HQM04 Shim system breakdown (warm): + 75 um coil oversize + 50 um 2 mil extra ground wrap at midplane + 38 um from 50um extra radial ground wrap um for 375m extra kapton on shell for 13 mil kapton shim at midplane - 0 um G-10 shim oversize (.188 vs.188 mils) +112 um effective from 3 mil (75 um) radial kapton “bending” shim near midplane um effective midplane shim reduction from 500 um above control spacer = 514 um Total midplane “gap” size 15QXFSM1 shim system as planned Note: Actual shim used in HQM04 was the same as planned

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