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The History of Tanks. By: Alec Fontenot.

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1 The History of Tanks. By: Alec Fontenot

2 Table of Contents Paragraph 1- About the first tanks.
Paragraph 2- About the first modern looking tanks. Paragraph 3- About improvements on tanks.

3 Paragraph 1 Some of the first tanks ever used were in Egypt in 1,680 B.C. Those tanks were horse drawn chariots. However, the chariot was useless if the horse was killed. Spikes were often put on the outside of the wheels to damage other chariots. The driver often carried a bow and arrow.

4 Main Ideas of Paragraph 1
The first tanks were used in 1,680B.C. in Egypt. Those tanks were horse drawn chariots. The chariots were good for attacking but very easy to be defeated.

5 Paragraph 2 Tanks also played a big role in World War 2. The Germans used tanks for quick strikes on targets.(Jefferis) One disadvantage the Germans had was that their tank builders were often perfectionist craftsmen which made it very hard to get replacement parts and slowed down production. Some very big World War 2 tanks are the American T28 and the German PZ. kpfw. Maus. The Maus had 240 cm. of armor Which made it virtually indestructible.(Christian) However, the armor also made the Maus very slow. The T28 fired a 105 mm. round.(Christian) Those rounds weighed about 50 pounds.

6 Main Ideas of Paragraph 2
The Germans used quick tank strikes during World War 2. One of the biggest American World War 2 tanks was the T28. One of the biggest German World War 2 tanks was the PZ. kpfw. Maus.

7 Paragraph 3 Over the years tanks have under gone many improvements. Some improvements are moveable cannons and better armor. One tactic used to make armor more effective is placing explosive panels on the outside of the tank to destroy or deflect projectiles. Other improvements on tanks include bigger cannon rounds and faster engines.(Jefferis) Some tanks can reach 50 miles per hour.

8 Main Ideas of Paragraph 3
Tanks have received better engines. Tanks have also gotten better armor and moveable cannons. Tanks now also have bigger cannon rounds.

9 Summery So, as you can see. Tanks have come a long way since the chariots of ancient Egypt. Improvements are still being made on tanks today. Who knows what they will come up with next.

10 Bibliography Ankerstjerne , Christian. ”US Tanks in World War 2”.Tanks in World War in world war Jefferis , David. Battle Kings: the History of Tanks. USA: Franklin Watts, 1991

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