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Prefix: Mono = one root word: flex/flect = curve

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1 Prefix: Mono = one root word: flex/flect = curve

2 monochrome having one color; a painting, design, photo, or outfit that is only one color or shades of one color

3 monocle an eyeglass for one eye

4 monolingual How many ways do I have to say it!?! Look this one up on your own!

5 monolith something made out of one single large block or piece of stone; one single stone monument

6 monologue a long speech given by one person

7 monophobia Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one finding this definition.

8 monopoly control of a product or service by one company

9 monorail a track for subway or train cars that only has one rail

10 monosyllabic having only one syllable

11 monotone a speech in which every word has one tone of voice

12 circumflex to bend around or curve

13 deflect to turn or move to one side; to bend; to swerve

14 flexible capable of bending without breaking

15 flexor a muscle that bends a part of the body, such as an arm or a leg

16 inflection It doesn’t sound that boring to find the definition of this word.

17 inflexible not capable of being bent without breaking

18 reflect to bend or throw back light or heat; to fold or turn back

19 reflection the image in a mirror that is the result of bending light when it is thrown back

20 retroflex You may have to look back in a dictionary for this word.

21 reflex angle an angle that is greater than 180 degrees because the angle is bent beyond a straight line

22 The End! Now go look up the rest of your words!

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