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Fiberglass Pads and Mats for Heavy Equipment

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1 Fiberglass Pads and Mats for Heavy Equipment

2 FRP Composite Benefits
Corrosion Resistance to chemicals and salt water Corrosion will have no effect over the course of 50 year High Strength 90% the strength of steel Light Weight ¼ the density of steel Can deflect without yielding Lower Transportation Cost Low to No Maintenance Long Usable Life Lower Life Cycle Cost

3 TUVVAQ Mats for Extreme Loads
Portable road mats for moving heavy equipment (up to 1,500,000 lb and 1000 psi tire pressure) 30’ x 8’ x 1.75” 5000 lb weight For oil drilling customers in Alaska

4 FiberRigg™ Crane Outrigger Pads
Stable surface for safe operation Long lasting Many sizes are easily movable by one person Handles loads to 190,000 lb Any size available Non-slip surface

5 Portable Mat for Roads Solid fiberglass mat
Size 18 ft x 7.5 ft x 1 inch (5.5 m x 2.3 m x 25mm) Fits inside ISO shipping container Weight = 1400 lb (635 kg) Four lift points Non-slip wear surface

6 Mats in Severe Conditions

7 Access Mats

8 RigMats for Drill Sites

9 Portable Bridges Fast installation in remote areas or difficult terrain Logging, mining, oil exploration Lower transportation and installation costs Up to 50 feet Non-slip wear surface

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