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Vocabulary Words Lesson 2 Accounting and Finance.

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1 Vocabulary Words Lesson 2 Accounting and Finance

2 Accrue Verb To accumulate, collect, or build up The interest on Maria’s savings will accrue regularly.

3 Allocate Verb To designate, set apart, or budget The school board will allocate the funds for a new gymnasium.

4 Annuity Noun A yearly payment of an allowance or income The retired couple lived comfortably on an annuity.

5 Budgetary Adjective Pertaining to a financial or spending plan Budgetary restrictions forced the city to close a small school

6 Currency Noun The medium of exchange; money The franc is the currency of France, Belgium, and Switzerland.

7 Default Noun A failure to pay The shop was forced to close because of a default on its monthly payments.

8 Denomination Noun A class or unit that is named for its size or value When Lin cashed a check, the teller asked him in what denomination he would like his money.

9 Divert Verb To deflect or sidetrack Anita asked her employer to divert part of her income into a retirement account.

10 Exempt Adjective Not subject to; excused The land owned by the university is exempt from taxation.

11 Exorbitant Adjective Excessive; extravagant I would live there, but the rent is exorbitant.

12 Financier Noun One who is involved with and expert in large- scale money matters The art museum received a generous contribution from a wealthy financier.

13 Increment Noun An increase in size or number Each increment on the graph represented ten thousand dollars in sales.

14 Insolvency Noun A state of being bankrupt; penniless The company’s insolvency caused it to go out of business.

15 Liability Noun An obligation; debt; handicap The applicant’s lack of a college degree was seen as a liability by prospective employers.

16 Monetary Adjective Financial; pertaining to money The city’s monetary problems were the reason many workers were laid off.

17 Recession Noun Temporary decline in economic activity during a period of prosperity An increase in oil prices brought on a severe recession in the 1970s.

18 Reimburse Verb To pay back Luis borrowed money from his parents, but he will reimburse them as soon as he gets a job.

19 Substantial Adjective Sizable; considerable The department store experienced a substantial increase in sales over the same period last year.

20 Tangible Adjective Concrete; real The couple’s wealth was all on paper; they had no tangible assests.

21 Treasury Noun A place where money is kept; amount of money on hand The cost of putting on the dance depleted the student council’s treasury.

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