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7 The Movement of Ocean Water. Bellringer Currents.

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1 7 The Movement of Ocean Water

2 Bellringer


4 Currents

5 Section 1 Currents One Way to Explore Currents Ocean water contains streamlike movements of water called ocean currents. Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl proved his theory that ocean currents influenced human migration by using a raft that was powered only by wind and ocean currents. Chapter 14

6 Section 1 Currents Surface Currents Horizontal, streamlike movements of water that occur at or near the surface of the ocean are called ocean currents. Surface currents are controlled by three factors: global winds, the Coriolis effect, and continental deflections. Chapter 14

7 Section 1 Currents Global Winds: Winds that blow across the Earth’s surface create surface currents in the ocean. Different winds cause currents to flow in different directions. The Coriolis Effect is the apparent curving of moving objects from a straight path due to the Earth’s rotation. Chapter 14

8 Section 1 Currents Continental Defections: When surface currents meet continents, the currents deflect, or change direction. Chapter 14

9 Section 1 Currents Surface Currents, continued Taking Temperature Currents are also affected by the temperature of the water in which they form. The next slide shows Earth’s surface currents. Warm-water currents are shown as red arrows, and cold-water currents are shown as blue arrows. Chapter 14

10 Section 1 Currents Chapter 14

11 Currents

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