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By Bradley Pankow Ashlea Dull And Lauren Johnston.

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1 By Bradley Pankow Ashlea Dull And Lauren Johnston

2 The desire for violent revenge Definition of Vengeance

3 Vengeance In the Crucible

4 “She thinks to dance with me on my wife’s grave!... But it is a whore’s vengeance, and you must see it…” John Proctor Page 110

5 Abby want to have vengeance on Elizabeth for kicking her out of her house Abby blames Elizabeth of being a witch to get her revenge As the quote illustrates, Abby wants Elizabeth dead and John for herself Abby’s Vengeance on Elizabeth

6 “I’ll tell you what’s walking Salem– vengeance is walking Salem!” John Proctor Page 77

7 Many people in Salem used the witch trials to get revenge on others by calling them witches One notable person in this play who used this method of revenge was Thomas Putnam Vengeance Throughout the Town

8 Thomas’ brother was turned down as minister of Salem by a faction “Thomas Putnam felt that his own name and the honor of his family had been smirched by the village, and he meant to right matters however he could.” (p. 15) Many accusations and corroborations of witchcraft were made by Thomas Putnam and his daughter Thomas Putnam

9 the act or practice of assigning blame or failure to another, as to deflect attention or responsibility away from oneself Definition of Scapegoating

10 Scapegoating In the Crucible

11 PARRIS: “Then you were conjuring spirits last night.” ABBY: “Not I, sir, not I. — Tituba and Ruth.” Parris and Abby Page 10

12 “I want to open myself! I want the light of God, I want the sweet love of Jesus! I danced for the devil; I saw him; I wrote in his book I go back to Jesus; I kiss His hand. I saw Sarah Good with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!” Abby Page 26

13 The circle girls are trying to get out of trouble by blaming others of a far more heinous crime. They blame people with no social rank in society so others believe that maybe they are witches. The girls accuse people to get the attention off themselves Circle Girls

14 HALE: “I believe him! This girl has always struck me false! She has-” Abby, with a weird, wild, chilling cry, screams up to ceiling. ABBY: “You will not! Begone! Begone, I say!” Hale and Abby Page 71

15 When John talks of lechery with Abby, she doesn’t want to admit that she did it. To get out admitting to having an affair, Abby decides to pretend that she’s something in the ceiling. Abby drwas the attention away from her and towards Mary by pretending Mary is sending her spirit out Abby During the Trial

16 MARY: “Don’t touch me-don’t touch me! PROCTOR: “Mary!” MARY: “You’re the Devil’s man!” Mary and Proctor Page 74

17 Mary doesn’t want to be accused of being witch and being hung. To escape this fate Mary accuses John to turn the attention on him. Mary knew that Parris thought that Proctor wanted to “overthrow the government” so she adds that in there so Parris would be totally distracted from her. Mary When Accused of Being a Witch

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